The 6 Best Mascaras on the market.

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6 Best Mascaras on the market.

Christian Dior black mascara

Rimmel mascara
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Is there such thing as the “Perfect Mascara”, the one formula that does everything and works with every lash type?  There’s no one way to tell other than trying as many tubes as possible. This may not be the ideal solution, but over years I’ve found even more biased than fragrance, its mascara.  It’s a really hard concept to follow considering mascara has the same shelf life as a tooth brush.  It may seem challenging to do, but you may find it well worth it once you stumble across the perfect one. That’s my solution, at least. I’ve been using this theory for years and rather than select one I chose 6.  I wear my mascara to suit the occasion, I’ve never found one that makes me run out and buy six at a time. I change mascara like I change shoes.  Though I change my mascara frequently, I’m very consistent when it comes to my favorite brands. We all want the very best mascara and want to know which brands to select at the counter. Whether you’re at Walgreens or browsing the beauty counter at SAKS, you want to know what counter to head to. So I browsed my makeup drawer and here’s the 411: 

1.       First on my  is Lancôme Defincils  I purchased this one after reading Instyle magazines Best Beauty Buys issue, and I must say I was far from being disappointed.  This is a great daytime mascara, and especially if you are on the go.  It’s not very voluminous so I wouldn’t recommend it for a dramatic look at nighttime.  I love this one because it lengthens and it doesn’t clump at all. Though it’s pricey it’s well worth the purchase!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2.      You will definitely give your lashes life with DIORSHOW. This mascara is worth all the hype.  Though it pricey, it’s flawless and you will give your lashes life. It will give you that false lash look that we are all trying to achieve.  We all want long and volume lashes that will stand out in the crowd, and plus you only have to apply it once.

3.      I’ve always been a huge fan of Bobbi Brown and I stand behind all of her products.  This mascara not only creates long thick lashes; it last a long time, so long you will need makeup remover to get it off.

4.      I have been asked several times if I’m wearing false lashes when wearing Mary K Lash Love, it adds so much length. Also you don’t get the clumping and smudging that you get with most mascara.  With most mascara I have to get my tweezers and eyelash comb to separate each lash, but this instantly separates each lash. You may not get the volume, but it definitely creates gorgeous long lashes.

 5.      Rimmel is not only inexpensive, this one is highly recommended for teenage girls. Though very basic it goes on very wet, and it only takes one coat to give you volume.

6.      If you want neat, defined, extraordinarily long lashes, CoverGirl LashBlast is theperfect choice. I wear this one on every occasion, whether its day or night. I believe it’s one of the best mascaras on the market. Check out the reviews, I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Remember great minds think alike.

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