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My daughters didn’t hesitate getting their wardrobe together when I ask them to participate in my blog post today. I think style is in our blood, because I don’t have to pick out their clothes, they know exactly what they like and how to wear it. Kids fashion is considered to be a serious factor in today’s world. Kids are more conscious about the fashion and they have all update knowledge regarding all the fashion trends. Those days were gone when mom and dad will buy the clothes for their kids and in return the kids will give a big smile to their parents. But today they are so much fashion conscious that they know all the latest trends which their parents do not have so vast knowledge about the latest fashion. However, when you’re a mom like me you know all the trends and styles, and your children are confident when you make clothing selections for them.  

Meet ShantaQuilette , creator and author of Style Follows Her Accountant by trade, Lifestyle Designer, Decor Expert, Event Stylist, Cookanista, Beauty Enthusiast and Mom of three, From Denver to Dallas this fashionable entertaining entrepreneur has been styling outfits and entertaining since she was first old enough to reach her dresser and dining room table. Her goal is to ignite the creativity in all women.


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