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Have you heard of TheGirlthatloves.com? The New York based e-store has a large selection of eye catching, affordable pieces, and perfect for the trendy fashionista. One of the best things about The Girl That Loves is the exclusive designer collections they showcase every season. I was ecstatic when I was contacted by Billar Kazaa Account Executive from D&A Apparel asking me to promote their new collection. I’m so excited to start a partnership with The Girl that Loves- from runway to sheway sistah!  The clothing is very trendy and youthful but mature enough for someone over 30 like me.  I had a lot of fun mixing and matching the pieces they sent me especially the Nighthawk Jacket, which is only $69.00. The jacket is well constructed and I can wear it for years to come.  It was made in Turkey with tender loving care! The weather was a little chilly in Dallas today so I wanted to dress warm but still look fabulous. This jacket is seriously the softest I own, it hugs me in all the right ways! I get cold so easily so it was definitely a highlight for me. I rocked the jacket with a black Mossimo dress from Target , opaque stockings, and a nine west calf hair pump.  I’m really a girl that loves clothing and jewelry, and they definitely give you the best of both worlds.  The Girl That Loves is a one shop stop and it’s inexpensive.  If this clothing store could talk it would say, “hey darling I’m classy but totally edgy so get out of my way so I can strut my stuff. I really have a heck of an imagination. Please stop by this online boutique. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
I took this off of their website:

The Girl That Loves story…
She loves to laugh, wink and dance around the house in her favorite outfits when no one is watching. She collects anything and everything vintage and has a slight obsession with feathers and flowers. But who doesn’t, right?
Her make up is simple and her hats are plenty. Clothes allow her to express herself. She mixes edgy and trendy pieces with cute and playful pieces. Her favorite combo? Sexy heels, jeans and a sweatshirt (and possibly a fedora). Tadaaaa! Looking great has never been so comfy! Instead of breaking her bank over one designer piece she lines her closet with a variety of fun pieces. She likes simple, elegant clothing but enjoys taking an occasional risk: the right neckline, a bit of cool embroidery or an edgy color scheme can turn a piece from “like” to “love.”
Her aesthetic reflects who she is: The Girl That Loves is going places, but she plans to have a good time getting there. 
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Meet ShantaQuilette , creator and author of Style Follows Her Accountant by trade, Lifestyle Designer, Decor Expert, Event Stylist, Cookanista, Beauty Enthusiast and Mom of three, From Denver to Dallas this fashionable entertaining entrepreneur has been styling outfits and entertaining since she was first old enough to reach her dresser and dining room table. Her goal is to ignite the creativity in all women.

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