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Upscale Resale in Dallas

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If you’re like me you crave designer fashions and don’t mind spending a few arms and legs to get the items you love. However, in today’s economy, I want to get more bang for my buck, and paying $1,200.00 for handbag isn’t appealing as it use to be. The love affair between the old might dollar and a designer handbag may seem far fetched for some. Let me tell you, it’s not!  I’ve been a fan of designer labels since I purchased my first Versace skirt.  Having that signature Head of Medusa on the front pocket was a big deal then.  I had to have it, and yes I worked two jobs to get it!!!

As I grew into an adult, my taste for designer labels grew with me, but my lifestyle also changed.  I was married and had four children to take care of, so my disposable income to buy designer clothes and handbags quickly diminished and wasn’t much of a priority. I still have my love for designer labels, but now, I’m more of a smart shopper. Though I buy much of what I need there is still room for what I want. Shopping at a high end consignment store is just like having a sister who works for Neiman’s, and guess what I do!!!!!  

One of my shopping secrets is a sale that comes around a few times year. I have been a customer of Clothes Circuit now for a few years, and I’m excited to announce that I met owner Irene Mylan and I expressed my love for high end clothing and wanted to know I wanted to incorporate her in my blog. She gave me a tour of her back office and explained her intake process to me, I was quite amazed to say the least.It’s no accident that Irene Mylan fashion oriented and well merchandised shop borders the home to lots of fashionable women.  Mylan regularly posts photos on her website showing the day’s latest designer consignments: Hermes Bags. Gucci Belts. Chanel pumps. and Louis Vuitton bags. And designer clothes to match. She also gave me a $15.00 coupon to use in her store, I can’t wait to use towards the Yves Saint Laurent handbag I’ve been watching for some time and it’s included in her Spring sale, which just begun. Clothes Circuit is currently cleaning out all Fall and Winter merchandise to make  room for New Spring Items. Sale started on February 13. During this sale, they will have mall  and high end type brands like Isabella Fiore, Michael Kors. Ann Taylor, Tory Burch, Stuart Weitzman and more.

Want to Go:
Clothes Circuit
6501 Sherry Lane 
Dallas, Texas 75225
Store Hours
Mon-Sat  10 to 7 and Sun 12 to 6

Photos Courtesy of Dallas Culture Map

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