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dior store 2Dior knows how to keep things fabulous and interesting with the Grand Opening of it’s Beauty Store in Highland Park Village in Dallas. There’s no doubt Dallas is home to some of the most beautiful and fabulous women in Texas, including myself darling! So I can’t help not to believe this is why Dior decided to open a Beauty boutique in Park Cities, may I add one of three locations in the entire country. I’m about all things luxurious, so you know I was jumping up and down in my heels, when I received a personal invite from Christian lles Beauty Extraordinaire. They couldn’t have selected a better day to have a grand opening because the weather was absolutely amazing. A fashionista couldn’t wait to take off her stockings to show some toe cleavage and a little bit of legs honey for this fabulous event.dior

I was absolutely impressed with the level of service I was given once I walked through the door. They treated me like a celebrity and ready to cater to all my beauty needs. Complimentary Champagne and Macaroons, the service was exceptional. The fabulously small, 600 square foot shop contains row after row of exquisite lipsticks, creams, and exclusive products that aren’t available anywhere else in Texas. I experienced a personalized consultation and semi makeup-lesson from the Beautiful  Wendy a New York Native and Dior Beauty Expert. May I also mention Perfumes in La Collection Privee, elegant and extravagant fragrances for men and women. These fragrances are pretty exclusive and prior to Texas were only in a few select cities.

There are vanities that emulate different types of light so the guest can apply their makeup to fit the event they are attending. They’ll be no worries about gaudy makeup at a fashion event in Dallas nor looking flushed out at an important conference. Tucked away in the back is the chef-d’œu·vre, a spa room which is the first for Dior in the United States. Not only is it impervious to noise, but it has it’s own sound system and heated spa bed. In the very exclusive spa you can get treatments provided by the boutiques Esthetician. Guess, what I’ve already booked my appointment with Terry for next month, then Wendy will get me all dolled up for my Pre Valentine’s Day Dinner with Hubby.  The facials are customized to meet your needs. Oh and that’s not all, shoulder and hand massages are a part of the service.dior DALLAS

Before I exited fabulously, I watched my friend K Michelle, yes K Michelle the one and only  of Front House Management get the beat down of a lifetime. When I tell you Christen lles knows how to work a Dior Finish Fluid Professional Brush, like Picasso!!! He’s absolutely amazing. You’ll have to come down and see for yourself.  Maybe you can even come down with me. I’ll be offering two of my fabulous followers a special gift compliments of DIOR. Share this post on your page, with the hashtag stylefollowsher for a chance to receive this fabulous gift.sam

Come on down to Dior and let one of Dior’s specialist create a flawless look for you. Pretty Please with Dior Red Lipstick On Top. The Beauty Boutique has so much to offer you. It’s located at 9A HIGHLAND PARK VILLAGE, DALLAS, TEXAS 75205 TEL: 972-892-4179. Don’t forget to ask for Christen and let him know Style Follows Her. Oh, my before I go let me mention Dior has a fashion boutique just a few doors down, it’s been open since 2013. This boutique will allow the Fabulous women of Dallas to enjoy the luxurious makeup products that compliment the couture fashions they fell in love with a few steps away.  Just like my fabulous and beautiful friend Cathy Vieth. cathy viethContinue you to Follow me as Style Does!!!download (3)photo:

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