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Now when I stepped out of my car to pick up some Advil PM at the local Walgreens across from my Hotel, I was totally caught off guard!! This adding feature is amazing to say the least. Now drugstores have been adding beauty aid sections to their stores for years, but it looks as if Walgreens found a great opportunity to capitalize off of it. I typically hate waiting for 15 to 20 minutes for my prescription to be ready, this would be a great way to peruse the aisles and spend more money. On the things we love as women…Beauty products. This is old news for some but I learned from the Stores Beauty Ambassador the store is one of only seven in the country with one in Texas to feature Walgreens’ new venture into the upscale beauty market.

What is impressive to me about LOOK is the assortment of dozens of prestige and niche cosmetic, skincare and haircare brands not typically found in drugstores in the US. Nuxe and Avéne used to be skincare brands whose cherished products. I’d reserve space for in my bag back from Houston. Now, I’m going to tell you the truth, most of the names were unfamiliar to me,  and the prices were more like Ulta than Walgreens. So if you’re perusing the aisle for $3.00 mascara, you better hop, skip and jump right over to the Wet and Wild section next to the Revlon tweezers. This store is perfect for me especially when I’m looking to develop some photos, pickup some epsom salt, and midol. Now, I realize I’ve told you too much. However, I was able to walk out with most of my coins and some great facial cleanser. I think it was the headache preventing me from splurging like I wanted to.Other standout brands I’d recommend you explore: LOOK sells the British line Rodial. look-boutique 1915662_10206239793061342_952473870614899066_n 12523829_10206239793701358_3926143362074733636_n Walgreens_makeup_1 Walgreens_makeup_5 Walgreens_makeup_3 11416188_10206239794061367_9039636194187787773_nLastly, among the premium makeup brands offered, I think Cargo is the hit. Don’t sleep on it – their eyeshadow shades are just right. And, the nail polish selection is impressive (and daunting to the indecisive-minded). They sell Essie, Pop, Nailtini and Opi.

A quick search online will locate your nearest LOOK boutique.

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