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I adore Sephora. Every amazing make-up addict does. This store is a beauty girls dream come true. I recently visited Sephora at the Houston Galleria stage (store) with my two beautiful daughters. Wall-to-wall lipsticks, luminizers, and so much more. I was like a child in a candy store in pure utter amazement.  As many women are interested in keeping up their personal appearance, specifically  related to their face (including me).  Some women do this by just using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.  Others like myself go greater in lengths, including such things as applying mask, enzyme peels, and exfoiliating a few times a week. There are a larger number of women who apply a little bit of rouge on the cheeks and popping pink lipstick.


Sephora is a  huge candy store for women, it addresses all our skin care needs no matter the issue.  I’ve been to plenty Sephora stages in Dallas, but the Houston Galleria store is impressive. So many high end lines and  brands very new to me. Sephora can assist everyone one no matter her age or ethnicity. From those women who use a gentle cleanser and moisturize to those who use  heavy eyeshadow, routinely or those who apply falsies, Sephora has something for every one.

This is so important, as there are so many stores or brands exclusively sold at department stores and by their target market, which irritates me.  This is what sets Sephora apart from its competitiors.  Sephora is a place every one can enjoy and walk out with something they like.  I had so much fun with my daughters Friday night in this adult Disneyland. The store is so aesthetically pleasing, with black and white decor and splashes of red strategically placed throughout the store. The store is well organized and it allows you to flow through easily on your hunt for amazing products.

Each time I go to Sephora it’s like an adventure, I feel like I’m following the rainbow to find a pot of gold. I always find something new no matter how many times I frequent the store.  Whether its a new lipstick, primer or mascara everything is accessible  and makes trying new things fun.  Here are some of the impressive finds from Friday night.


Who doesn’t love Louboutin!!??  I mean women are running to the store to get them a pair of red bottoms. I think we all probably thought a rich red lipstick would be his first product.  However, nail lacquer is actually perfectly aligned with Louboutin house lore.  The bottle is pretty fabulous and very creative, did we expect anything less??? The cap is an impressive 8 inches, actually the same length of the Ballerina Ultima, chile I can barely do 5 inches, but hey I’m not mad at those who can. I was actually thinking I can utilize the polish in more than one way. When I tell you the bottle is heavy, it would be perfect for a paperweight. Well, I didn’t make the purchase but considering it in the future.

urban decay

This is how Urban Decay does Spring. Far from a group of pale boring colors, this is a shadow palette everyone can use, and would be a spectacular gift for an upcoming high school graduate.  This was actually mentioned to me, lol.


I would typically pass Laura Mercier up in the store due her lack of diversity in her foundation line. This is a story from the pass, she has come a very long way. I actually have a change of heart and really impressed with the new Candleglow Foundation. Where are all my 35 an older ladies at?? Whoop Whoop!! If you want a nice glow and you have good skin tone, you would probably love this one. But oily complexions, beware. I tried the Candleglow in the color Nutmeg on my left hand and can you see the difference? It has a light to medium coverage as you can see , but more like a light coverage that falls somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and foundation; luminous, natural-looking finish that’s not overly dewy or glowing.


Oh chile let me stop and catch my breath. Okay, now that I have myself together….The Guerlan Meterorites, you honestly get what you pay for. And yes, you’re paying an expensive price for a primer. But what you get is foundation/makeup that still looks fabulous and is not melting off your face 13 hours into the day! Yes, that’s right. I timed it!!!  Then there’s the luminosity and glow this gives your skin. It’s a genuinely gorgeous, dewy finish, even with powder. I love this in every way you can love a beauty product. 







Thanks for reading my post!! If you have more questions about my recent trip please feel free to email me or post a comment. I would be happy to speak with you.

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