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The first thought that comes to mind when I think about my dining room is conversation. I’m not really a dinner-in-front-of-the Television type, this is the room where we spend most of our day, discussing the highlights and low lights of your day, catching up on the daily life of your family, and striking up great conversations with our girlfriends. I love to cook and enjoy my delicious meals with my family, celebrate holidays, and share those funny childhood stories. I love to play hostess, and not everyone likes to do that. One of the biggest reasons I hear friends straying way from being Miss Hostess, is all the anxiety it causes worrying about how to keep our guest happy. Most people wonder how can I keep the drinks topped, food hot, and guest entertained without looking a miserable mess?? I love being a stylish hostess, looking great, and creating Pinterest worthy tablescapes. We all can appreciate the ooh’s and ahh’s when your guest swoon over your creatively prepared foods and extravagant decor. We can’t all be B Smith, Martha Stewart, or our Favorite HGTV host, but there are so many simple ways to entertain without the stress. Hey I’ve followed all the rules myself, I can now throw together a fabulous Spring Soiree in under an hour. Keep following me; soon you will too.

<div style=”width:600px;margin:0 auto”><div style=”position:relative;”><a target=”_blank” href=”;.svc=copypaste&amp;id=192416245″><img width=”600″ alt=”Tablescapes and Conversation” src=”” title=”Tablescapes and Conversation” height=”473″ border=”0″ /></a></div></div><br/><div style=”text-align:center”><small><a target=”_blank” href=”;.svc=copypaste&amp;id=192416245″>Tablescapes and Conversation</a> by <a target=”_blank” href=”;.svc=copypaste”>shantaquilette</a> featuring <a target=”_blank” href=””>fiesta dishes</a></small></div><div style=”width:600px;margin:0 auto”><br/><small><div style=”text-align:left”><a rel=”nofollow” href=”;.svc=copypaste&amp;id=157690502″>Certified International glass goblet</a> / <a rel=”nofollow” href=”;.svc=copypaste&amp;id=162791553″>Fitz and Floyd fiesta dish</a> / <a rel=”nofollow” href=”;.svc=copypaste&amp;id=162725335″>Iron candle holder</a>, $130 / <a rel=”nofollow” href=”;.svc=copypaste&amp;id=145000372″>White dress</a></div></small></div>

Meet ShantaQuilette , creator and author of Style Follows Her Accountant by trade, Lifestyle Designer, Decor Expert, Event Stylist, Cookanista, Beauty Enthusiast and Mom of three, From Denver to Dallas this fashionable entertaining entrepreneur has been styling outfits and entertaining since she was first old enough to reach her dresser and dining room table. Her goal is to ignite the creativity in all women.

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