What Guest Notice When Visiting your Home

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No matter how clean your home is there are few thing people pay attention to when visiting .

Some of us avoid entertaining or having guest come over because we don’t want to spend all day cleaning and preparing for our  guest. You’re probably reading this saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”….ha ha. You really don’t have to spend long hours cleaning unless,  you’ve been letting things get out of hand at home (side eye).  I know there are a few things I notice when I visit homes and it  isn’t always the decor. I make my first trip to the bathroom, which helps me determine whether or not I should be eating any of the shrimp cocktail on display. (Just kidding, but Seriously) Yes, I’m a bathroom investigator!! Ha ha……If you don’t want to spend countless hours cleaning, don’t sweat it. I have the solution. Here are a few things you should focus on when preparing for your guest.


What Does Your Home Smell Like?


Now anyone who knows me can vouch for my wolf nose…boy I can pick up a pungent smell from yards away. In my opinion the scent of your home is important. Sometimes, we can become immune to the odor of our home and may not be aware of the unnatural smell.  Sometimes the old onions in the garbage or dirty laundry can cause a stench to linger for a day or two. So when in doubt light a candle. However, make sure your aware of the type of fragrances you use. We definitely don’t want our guest to have an allergy attack.

Is Your Bathroom Clean?

teal bathroom

Now please if you don’t do anything else…make sure your bathroom is tidy….I mean clean!!! Make sure the toilet is clean, on top of the seat, behind the seat, even at the bottom around that little knob.  It can hold a whole lot of everything, especially if you have little boys at home. Make sure you remove those rings from the tub and clean the shower glass thoroughly.  Have toilet paper and clean towels on deck. What’s more embarrassing then your guest yelling out for toilet paper while your in the middle of  serving guest??  Can you say awkward!! Also, don’t confuse “Cleaning” with “Organizing” in your bathroom. It’s a huge difference. Cleaning consist of Bleach, Pinesol, Fabuluso, or you may use natural products. Whatever your case may be use something with a disinfectant in it. Organizing is placing things neatly in a particular order and freeing  from clutter. Just make sure you wipe things down thoroughly and leave your bathroom smelling lemony fresh. Just an added tip.


Keep Living Area Free of Clutter


Now this is when you can allow organizing to override cleaning.  If you don’t have time to clean all day. Then simply remove the clutter from your open space. Maybe there is a linen closet nearby you can store items to prevent your room from looking junkie or cluttered. Your friends and family will feel comfortable when an environment appears neat and clean. Even if it’s all stuffed in your mud room or your children’s toy box….. away from sight, lol. I’d also recommend given those baseboards a quick dusting. You don’t have to get on your hands and knees to do so. Just take the top of the broom and gently slide it across the top of the baseboard and instantly the dust is removed.


Hey we all can’t be the Queens of Clean but we can at least appear to be. Without Spending all day Saturday morning listening to Al Green and Joan Jett while dancing with the duster.

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