A Daughter Who Slays, Prom 2k16

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Getting ready from prom 2k16

Prom 2k16

Getting ready from prom 2k16

Prom 2k16

Prom 2k16: Her dress, shoes and accessories

So, after finding her perfect dress, a very elaborate Chasity Sereal custom creation. We even drove to Houston twice!!! Her perfect shoes, 3-inch fierce heels by Calvin Klien. Clutch by Deepa Gurnani  and Jewelry from SaksFifthAvenue. Her perfect

Her perfect makeup & hair by RhondaMUA  and Ratisha Smith (HerLounge on IG) it was finally THE night that we (all my family and friends) have worked so hard for. THE PROM! Lol!!!

Prom dress 2016

Prom 2k16. Custom made dress. Check.

Priceless moments

I’m not crazy. I know that it is insane to blow the bank on a prom. But, considering the true value of the day, I think I got a bargain. Don’t forget I’m an MBA and a BS in Accounting, so I know how to spend within my means.

  • Spending a day with my daughter and her little sister driving to Houston, including lunch and a beauty spree in the Houston Galleria, and hot wings at our Sheraton Hotel.  We also jumped in the BED!!  PRICELESS
  • Another day in Nordstroms and Saks looking for shoes? PRICELESS
  • Countless text messages and pictures regarding shoes, handbags, earrings and more? PRICELESS
  • A text reading:  I got a promposal. His name is Carlton. Are you happy? LOL?  PRICELESS
  • Another day for beauty and pamper treatments. PRICELESS
  • Waxing her body for her. PRICELESS
  • Giggling in the salon with her, Tish, and Miss Pam (another mom anticipating her daughter’s big day) PRICELESS
  • Watching her 13-year-old sister help zip up her dress? PRICELESS
  • Watching my princess try to pin a boutonniere on her date? PRICELESS
  • And taking all the pictures myself. PRICELESS
Prom 2k16. Sisterly love!

Prom 2016. Sisterly love!

Prom 2k16. Beautiful makeup. Check.

Prom 2k16. Beautiful makeup. Check.

Prom 2k16. Beautiful makeup. Check.

Prom 2k16. Beautiful makeup. Check.

Prom night!

Prom 2k16

Prom 2016

Slay the prom 2k16. Check.  

Slay the prom 2k16. Check.

My daughter and her prom date!

My daughter and her prom date!

Prom 2k16

Prom 2k16


She looked gorgeous.  I am not exaggerating. Her dress was classy and red carpet ready, her hair was Diana Ross, and Beyonce slayed. She looked stunning. But to me, I saw my little girl. So, sending her off to the  prom was a bit nerve racking. Not only that but, gulp, she’d be celebrating her 18th  birthday in a couple of months.

Let me tell you, all this growing up is way harder on a fabulous Mama like me.

I am not sure where the time has gone, but I feel the need to warn all mothers out there: Time Flies honey!! I was already envisioning her walking down the aisle in her beautiful custom made wedding gown.  Going to prom was kind of frightening for me. But, times have changed. It feels like yesterday that I was putting her hair in two pom pom tails for her first birthday party at Mickey D’s, back then they provided a birthday cake, ice cream, and Ronald McDonald was there!!!! Lol y’all are not going to judge me today.

The hubby doesn’t know, but since we’re all friends here, I thought I’d share the fact that this prom cost an extraordinary amount of money. Was it well spent? Absolutely. To tell you the truth, if there were do-overs available, I wouldn’t change one single thing. Not nothing!!! Oh, and believe me (he’s aware) he’s counting while I’m spending.

Soon, she will be all grown up, and the opportunities to share memories like these will become fewer and farther in-between.

ShantaQuilette. Seize the day.

Besides, I did her waxing and took these beautiful photos. I’ll say, we totally know how to economize.

 More pics from my oldest daughter’s special ‘slay the prom’ preparation!

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  1. Toni

    April 24, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Gorgeous. I know you are very excited for her. Now, it just made her wedding day off the chain on a whole another level!!!

    • stylefollowsher

      April 25, 2016 at 7:45 am

      Toni!! I was too excited!! Yes we’ve already started this wedding in Thailand!!

  2. Chantay Lewis

    April 25, 2016 at 9:44 am

    She looked beautiful! These are priceless memories…

    • stylefollowsher

      April 25, 2016 at 8:47 pm

      Thank you Chantay!! I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

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