Decorating in Green

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The color green

I don’t think I would be the first person to hear the word “green” and think of baby poo or Christmas trees. However, decorating your home with hints of green can have the opposite reaction…if done with care. Adding hints of color to your home decor can create a natural, rich and comfortable mood.

Decorating your home using the color green

Check out after looking at this living room’s color scheme, I can tell you nothing spruces up a room more than a fresh shot of color. A shocking multi-green palate was used in this living space. The designer set the foundation with black and white to have fun with large pops of color to create a look that’s while designed and contrived. Here, a rich green sofa and bright pillows pack a punch. The mixes of black a and white add a masculine touch to the classic furnishings while the green injects femininity and energy. So the next time you decide to update your space consider green in your color scheme.

More home decor ideas

Check out this style guide from Southern Living to inspire your home decor’s creative style! It can also help you find the right interior or exterior paint colors for your house. There’s also a quiz to help you learn you color personality!

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