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Whether you’re looking for some affordable spa treatments, a relaxing experience or just the least painful wax possible, I found a waxing salon to suit every need.

TMI time: Last Friday, I got my third Brazilian wax in a long time. I was lucky enough to be born with eyebrows that require little maintenance and I’ve never been very, uh, hairy anywhere. I’ve stuck with shaving my whole life, but here’s the thing: I absolutely HATE shaving (hate, hate, hate), but I don’t like having hair either, so… yeah, it’s difficult.

But then one day, my  friend told me about how she had started getting Brazilian waxes. I gasped in horror, but she insisted they weren’t that bad. I started thinking about how nice it would be to stop attempting to maneuver a razor down there once a week and instead dealing with one 15-minute session of pain followed by 3-4 hairless weeks. It was very tempting and so, I decided to go for it a.  I went for my third Brazilian wax last Friday and, well, I’ll probably never go back to shaving down there. Actually, it had been almost six years since the last one, and now I think I’ve been converted. 434

So where do you go? I  went to Depil Brazil Waxing Studio located in Fort Worth.  I was very impressed. The place was very clean and everyone was professional and welcoming. The esthetician I had was Jessica. She made me feel comfortable and explained everything before doing it. The wax she used was amazing, it was very soft and there was very little pain.  I also liked how Jessica kept the conversation going throughout the procedure.  It really took my mind off what was happening and made the whole process easier. I will definitely be returning. Now, I won’t lie my  butt cheeks were clinching the entire time, but I was very pleased with the results.  A first time wax is $35.00 and you can book the appointment directly on Depil’s website.  It’s for everyone who wants gorgeous skin, whenever they desire.439

Have you ladies ever had a Brazilian wax? Are you a fan or do you prefer to keep a little hair there?


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