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13494973_10206955457912516_5318387716303486140_nHave you heard you eat with your eyes first??? It may not mean much to most, but it packs an important message for those of us who love decorating and entertaining. Presentation is everything when you’re entertaining; the objective is to wow your guest and create an extraordinary presentation. One of my favorite areas of decorating is centerpieces and creating a story through design.

Think of your table as gift wrapping and your food or drinks as gifts. It’s important to give a knockout presentation. Now whether you’re hiring an event planner or DIYing it yourself, there are some important things you must know. Be sure to vary your heights throughout the room. Something really tall and elegant in the entrance can make a great statement.

Place smaller floral arrangements in different areas of the room to unify it. Mixing heights allows things to flow, it adds visual interest to the space, it creates movement throughout the room. Adding low and high elements will allow the table to look full but not overdone. Avoid creating a space that looks to busy and cluttered.
When using square or round tables confine centerpieces to the center of the table. A longer rectangular table; display centerpieces down the entire table. Always be aware of height and how your guest will be sitting. You have two options low and lush or tall and skinny with a flourish of flowers.

Don’t block the sight line of your guest, mixing and mingling should be simple,  and don’t create a centerpiece that may obscure the view, Guest want to enjoy themselves and you also want to catch those side eyes and blank stares when conversing. Add textures by mixing different types of flowers with the same color palette make sure everything on display is coordinating. As mentioned before you want everything to flow. It’s important to tell a story when your creating your design.

For the pictured scape, I was going for an airy and light look to compliment the events theme. My story was a little Alice in wonderland and a Vintage Garden Romance, which is very popular in the thick of the summer. My goal was  to project elegance, romance, and beauty. I used colors that played well together like, teal, blue, mint, coral , cream, and pink. I chose the glassware for the vintage flair and interesting shape. I used vintage feel glass to compliment the flowers.

I selected the napkin colors to coordinate with the colors in the dinnerware, as you can see everything compliments each other; even the beautiful charges in blush. If you’re not familiar with the proper way to set a table.
Remember the large dinner plate is centered in the middle of the place mat and two inches from the edge of the table, the china, napkin and silverware should be placed one inch from the edge of the placemat; if you’re going informal you should only use no more than three pieces of silverware. Now you should only have silverware on the table if you plan on using it otherwise it should be away from the table.

Remember forks should be placed on the left of the plate and knives and spoons to the right., now there is an exception, if you’re eating shrimp. Then the cocktail fork should be on the right since it’s eaten with the right hand. Also make sure to tell your guest to ring the doorbell with their elbows because the shouldn’t come empty handed. Lol…just kidding!! Keep following me as style does.

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