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In 2017 Keep Your Sh*t together!!!

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Keep your Sh&t together!!!

I don’t know what your New Year’s resolution is, but most of us are still trying to fulfill our 2014 wishlist. We all have so many goals, whether your New Year’s resolution is getting fit, focusing on time management, or being more productive, you are not alone (in my Michael Jackson voice). I don’t plan to spend the rest of my year overwhelmed or unfocused. Accountability is not a joke and you won’t be successful without it. But please do not think I am telling you exactly how to run your life. I do, however, want you to benefit from my experience and avoid learning things through trial and error like I did. About two years ago strategic family planning helped me keep my life in order. Two years ago, I was living in two different states, traveling almost 2000 miles a month back and fourth running two households. This actually helped me make our home a wonderful place to be.  Girlfriends, hear this; We play a very important role in our families. We will all realize at some point that our influence greatly determines our home’s environment. Especially the physical aspects, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Though my husband is the head of the home., I’m the neck and it’s the neck that turns the head. I pray this post will be a valuable resource for you. Many women ask me daily; how are you able to do so much and stay afloat. Well, it’s an easy question to answer. I take a strategic approach to motherhood and life, especially when your managing a home and career. I reject the myth that higher education, career, and family are mutually exclusive for women. I don’t know who you’ve been speaking to, but I’ll be the first to tell you I’m a BOSS.  When you run your home; Think like a manager. Your home is the most important company in the world. Manage your home by department: You have to do this to keep from being stressed and overwhelmed.  Take a strategic approach to running your home, no different than clocking into a 9 to 5. Here are seven ways for you to manage each activity in your home and life effectively.

Time Management: create a family calendar for your home, which includes a daily schedule. Good time management comes with having a great team. It’s important that everyone in the household shares responsibility, helping your family find their place in the home, and encouraging them to succeed.

Manage according to how you’re wired: Now I don’t have every skill necessary to be perfect, but I have a great team that stands beside me. Now I tell you the truth, there are plenty of things I hate doing in my home and laundry is one of them. The trick is to work as a team and your team can pick up where lacking.

Always be prepared: It’s my household motto and should be a motto for everyone.

Keep it Real: We all have the same 24 hours in a day. This is made of the moment and each one should be managed.

I ain’t got time for that: Don’t let people or things that don’t matter to you; take up your time. Time is so valuable and once it has been wasted, you can’t get it back.

Tell them no!!!: I would have had this advice back in 2010……. Once you start effectively managing your time and not trying to cram those irrelevant things in, you’ll start being able to accomplish “everything” and actually feel good about it.

Flexibility: Be prepared for the unexpected. Try your best to work with the disruption and not against it.

Be a business leader inside and outside your home. Over the years I’ve learned what’s important to me and have established guidelines I feel that are important. I no longer go to bed wondering what I’ve accomplished in a day. I know longer get overwhelmed with the expectations and pressures of others. You could find yourself contributing so much to someone else and their dreams while neglecting our own. I tell you today; “STOP IT”.  All of us face numerous obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals, but when the challenge comes; don’t change the goal, change the plan.  In 2017 stop being comfortable, the more years pass us by, the older we get, and the closer we come to death. I mean it’s real talk. We tend to arrange life as best we can to avoid pain and maintain personal comfort. I know this to be true because it was me and I’m no ashamed to admit it. This will be a problem until we get out of our own damn personal comfort zones. Being comfortable is an illness, we experience no substantial change for the better,  no growth, there’s nothing to achieve,  not a gosh darn thing comes with it. You will be sitting in the same spot you were 5 years ago if you keep on.  In order to change,  you must start implementing something new in your life that will produce positive results, yes you will reach obstacles, but you won’t reach anything unless you’re focused and ready to take some risk. Maximize your moments!!!! Do it now. Yesterday is gone, the day is ending, and tomorrow is not promised. Time is valued in Gold!!!!Spend it wisely. 

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