Spring Trends with Waverly McSwain

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For me, Spring is the most anticipated season of them all. It warms up outside. Flowers begin to bloom. It’s the season of shedding all the heavy layers from Winter.  It’s time to refresh and revitalize.

I’m a girl who loves to keep it classic, but trends keep things sassy and fun! What girl doesn’t want to have fun? Come take a peek at make up artist, Waverly McSwain, and see what’s trending with her. Find out how to incorporate them into your daily look for Spring, 2017. Let’s get into it!

Now that the season has changed, what are your recommendations on skincare?

I’m big on skin care and exfoliation. If you can’t afford to see an esthetician, still take time to pamper yourself and your skin. 

I don’t recommend changing cleansers, because most people use cleansers for their particular skin type. If you’re using a cleanser that works, keep using that. As women of color, we tend to not take car of our skin as well as others. We cleanse with soap and water, but you definitely want some kind of cleanser on your face.

Since we are leaving winter and going into spring, I also recommend exfoliating your body. MAC’s Vocanic Ash can be used from your head to your toes, and  St. Ives at Wal-Mart has nice facial scrubs that get the job done. Be sure to pick up something that will mesh with your skin. 

Definitely change your mositurizer. Go for something lighter, not so thick and not so heavy. For those in more humid areas, you need something lightweight that will moisture your skin.

What are some of the Spring trends for 2017?

Free. Very natural. Almost like an ‘around the way’ type of girl. She’s still very earthy and is into expressing her natural self –that look that’s slightly worn. Kind of like, “I woke up like this.” Another trend is monochromatic, but still a little warm.

What are ways to add a pop of color to a spring look?

Whether you’re going for a neutral or subdued look on the eyes, the easiest way to add a pop of color is lipstick. Pinks are a good spring color, standard pinks, like Pink Pearl Pop. It’s something that you can build. But some ladies want more orange or peach,  I recommend Peachy by MAC. MAC’s Morange is a pretty color.

What’s the best way to incorporate pastels into a day-to-day look?

When you look at the color wheel, there are tones, tints and shades. Pastels can be difficult to use because they’re considered a shade. They’re more white, so they have a softer tone. I would do a spray of coverage from the lid to the crease using a fluffy blending brush like the MAC 224. It’s good for disbursing the color from the inner corner to the crease.  It’s a little rounder and more fluffy at the tip. 

Lighter skinned ladies can rock out a pastel pink or green. Deep skin ladies can too, just depends on how it’s layered. You may have to use a paint pot–sweeping the color on the eyelid, dusting the color out, and then dusting the pastel on the top.

On lips I recommend applying liner first and buffing it out. Blankety by MAC . [“So if I’m lining my lips do I use a regular color or a pastel?”] Use a regular color on the inner line. Mash your lips together to smudge the liner, then apply the pastel in the center. That will give you somewhat of an ombre lip.

What palettes or collections do you recommend that are great for pulling together a spring look?

Mac has a lot of pastells that were recently brought out. I would go for Pastel X9,  Semi-Sweet X9 and the other one that i absolutely love is Solar X9 for the eyes. As far as lips, I hear that urban decay has a new lip pallette that’s great for beginners. [What do you think of Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection?] The price is really good. It’s really pretty. Definitely a great pallette to create a warm look -natural and very free.  You can use these colors as liners and there are definitely colors in this collection to make your look more fun.

In Closing. Just have fun with makeup. Don’t get into routines. Don’t do things just because someone else does it. I want us to explore and try different things. A lot of women don’t seem to want to explore anything. They don’t want to try something different. Explore, don’t just stick to one thing.

You may have experienced a product breaking you out, but that is to be expected from time to time. Keep trying new things. Make up is to be fun. The strength and beauty is in us as a women! We don’t have to do so much. And be the woman who undetstands that makeup doesn’t make or break her.



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