5 Ways to Create a Romantic Date Night Without Breaking the Bank

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Whether you’re just getting to know your new boo or been together for a long time, it’s easy to fall stagnant in a relationship and lose your romantic creativity. I’m all for the Zoe’s Kitchen and popping in the Amazon stick, but sometimes it can turn into a huge snooze fest.  This past weekend was my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary,  and he surprised me with a staycation outside the city, and for the first time ever, we included our children.  This past weekend was nothing less than perfect!! So inspired me to share!!  Well, this Lovenista created this list of the perfect date night ideas any relationship use to relight a spark or turn the spark into a blazing and blissful one.

Rock a sexy red lipstick

Bold, rich and bright lips make a huge statement on a regular day and currently trending.  Being natural is always great but nothing says, Vavoom like  a rich pink or red bold lipstick.  The make-up gods were certainly on top of things when they created, “thou shall  always be bold and fabulous”. Don’t forget the second rule, one must always were a little black dress. #duh. Vamp it for your man!!!

Spray a Little Perfume Hear and There

“Slip on that red dress, and slip on your high heels, and some of that sweet perfume, it sure smells good on you”. Yes, your boo will be singing, Johnny Gill’s, “my my my”. Perfume is one of those wonderful beauty products that takes very little effort, but has a huge impact on how people see and remember you. It’s the one you put on your neck when you’re sure you want him to kiss you, , or just spray a little in the air when you’re home sipping wine , listening to some soft music in your lingerie. Lay across those soft black satin sheets, while he’s kissing you softly, and whispering sweet nothing in your ear….yassss darling yasssssss.

Sweet Tooth

So our sweet rendezvous this weekend was near the Houston Galleria and there’s nothing like the sweet taste of chocolate, vanilla, and butter cream across your lips. Sharing a dessert can always be fun  and a flirty way to make your taste buds happy. So don’t forget the chocolate cheesecake, macaroons, vanilla ice cream and anything to make him kiss you softly. We visited a local favorite this weekend in Houston. I just love https://gigiscupcakesusa.com/.  The clerk found out  I was a Dallas Blogger and handed them over with love!!! The Perks

Don’t stop until you get enough

Did you know that adults spend on average less than an hour each day relaxing and socializing? I read that somewhere.  That’s pretty wild, considering a host of research and common sense says that to build and maintain healthy relationships we need to – you guessed it – be spending time together in social, relaxing settings.

Rediscovering the spark – that special connection with your spouse or significant other – isn’t as unobtainable as you think, however. Just take a look outside, toward your backyard, and get ready to start rekindling that flame. Getting in the pool and just holding each other is a great way

Cook together

On any ordinary date night you can go to a dinner and a movie, but if you’re looking to spice things up — literally and figuratively — make your date night one to remember with a couple’s cooking class.

The experience of learning to cook a new dish together can be more romantic than you think. Whether you’re an inexperienced cook or an aspiring chef, date night cooking classes are designed to engage and inspire couples.

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