All That You Need for Your #WOMANBOSS Office

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I know there are many women like myself who are out there working hard to make their dreams come alive and on top of it 24/7. Style Follows Her + CO has come up with a few fabulous tips to create a posh office design that will keep you motivated and being the true #WOMANBOSS you are.



Stay in the Loop

Now you definitely can’t be a woman boss if you’re not staying on top of things!! #DUH This can all be handled by staying organized and having a calendar. I’m not talking about your ordinary desk calendar or the one full of Skyscrapers and Lakes, um no!! Get a cute and swanky handbag notebook to carry with you from day to day. I actually have two… one I carry with me and the one at home on my desk.  #WOMANBOSSES don’t forget  important dates. As a entrepreneur and career mom, it’s important that I’m always on top of things.  I just love  this chic and posh notebook  from an area local. Olivia Sophia Stationary & Gifts


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Pin it Real Good

Call me forgetful Jones . A must have is memo board where you can pin up any important reminders or to do lists and you will always be on top of things! Keeping a planner is great, I mean, it’s a must,  but by hanging quick reminders on the wall right where you will be sure to see them, you will guarantee you won’t forget to make that phone call or to get to your meeting on time. If you can see it, you won’t forget.

Don’t be Disorganized

One thing I can’t stand is a bunch of clutter!! Um, how can you focus on anything with papers every where? That was a rhetorical question!! With a nice file, papers can be sorted and actually feel more manageable. Categorize them into groups of what you are currently working on, the to do,  do it later , file it away, and any other important papers you need to keep around. Decluttering and organizing your papers in this way will keep you on a straight path to success, and believe me, it relieves the visual stress of , “I just don’t have my stuff together”.  Olivia Sophia has the cutest file folders you’ll just fall in love.


 A Bedroom for my Pens

Having some fabulously design trays and cups to hold all of those office odds and ends will upgrade your office aesthetic and keep you from going crazy over clutter. Also, having a space to hold your writing utensils will prevent you wondering where that runaway pencil went.  Especially, those blue pens!!


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