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Summer is upon us, and you can smell the gym-sweat, blood and tears in the air. Tis the most grueling workout season of the year! It’s hot, and we can’t hide behind wool sweaters and peacoats any longer. Our secrets (also known as horrible eating habits) are being revealed with every clothing layer shed.  Proper diet and exercise will always be key to maximum health. Hitting the gym is great. You can lose fat, tone and build muscles, even maintain a satisfactory level of cardiovascular endurance, but working out is much less of a concern in maintaining health.  The majority of maintaining health comes from, you guessed it, what you eat!  Making better eating choices will yield clearer skin, strong healthy hair and better health overall.

I’m not as young as I used to be, and fad diets simply aren’t the best options for me. I need something that I can incorporate into my daily routine, that can be easily maintained and delicious.  Today’s post will focus on attaining and maintaining your hair and body through healthy eating.

I sat down with I’sha Gaines, founder of the Eat For Your Hair Culinary Workshop, to get some insight on her inspiration for the concept, find out what it is exactly, and to find out about things I can incorporate it into daily living.

We discussed growing up in a community plagued with unhealthy eating habits, with a lack of variety in meal choices.  Learning the health benefits of various real foods and how they effect the human body is eye opening. I’sha has found a way to promote healthy eating, while providing the tools needed to incorporate a variety of choices and up your home-select menu items. Best of all, she’s created a platform for you to grab your girls and go hang out for a couple of hours, and talk about girlie things like being cute and your hair!

I’sha explained that, “Two years ago, standing in the kitchen one day and realizing I am too old to not have a menu of things to eat, meals to cook. I know too many people in the natural hair community, too many vegans to not know how to cook -and I’m not a bad cook.” She explained that she’s not fond of many healthy foods, and has to try them in different ways, many times, until she finds a way that she likes. She decided to  collaboration with creative friends and in just two years, Eat For Your Hair is vastly gaining momentum.

The Kick Off

“The first year I facilitated flatbread pizza. The tomatoes freaked me out, because I’m a picky eater, but I can wean myself on food. Especially the foods that are good for me. ” I’sha explains that,  “We talked about each thing. How the spinach is good for your hair, the tomatoes, the olive oil, and we used as many non-dairy items as we could find. Brittany, @FitXBrit spoke to the ladies about the benefits of nutrition, her fitness blog, and made smoothies with the ladies. We had two blenders and we brought the ladies up two at a time to make smoothies. We concluded with a no-bake cheesecake that my friend, Michelle, @ediblebyezell facilitated. There were 12 to 15 ladies that came out.”

Second Line Vibe!

“I was asked to do the presentation for the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo the following year. The second eat for your hair was about fruit, I worked with a blogger, Alex @alexandriawill, and @tasteful_designs in New Orleans sponsored that one.” 

PC: @tasteful_designs


All About Avocados!

Requests started coming in for another event in the Dallas metroplex. With two events already under her belt, I’sha decided to keep it moving, and even created a theme to hone in on specific items. The location was set, and in collaboration with a vegan chef, LaShante Williams, @lashante_thelifestylechef Eat For Your Hair the Avocado Edition was created. 

“Our food last year was the, and it centered around avocados. The drinks had avocados, the entrees, and the dessert.”

Some of the delectibles I’sha has grown to love from her last series are shown below. 

Sweet potato, black bean patty with an avocado sauce.

Avocado salad with cilantro, avocado, black beans, corn, and chopped tomatoes.

Toast, avocado spread on it, cut strawberries and sprinkle cinnamon on it. 

“So i try to choose things that freak me out. I like to take things that i’m scared of. Like i was scared of avocados because they look funny. I’d tasted them before and they were gross. Now I like them because she showed me how to use them in a creative way.”

What You Know About That?

Eat For Your Hair has grown from an ah-ha moment in the kitchen to this year’s highly anticipated Yoni Edition! Yes girl PINEAPPLES, and all things “keep it right, keep it tight” in the nether regions! The Yoni Edition will be held in September of 2017 at Our Urban Hippie in Grand Prairie, TX.

A few other ladies joined and our conversation turned into a round table, girl talk discussion about food and health in general. As with all things in life, it’s best to find what works for you and be consistent with your choices. Your health is your wealth.




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