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Wearing makeup is a right of passage for girls. The day you are (were) allowed to wear makeup transitions girlhood into adolescence, then, of course, on to womanhood.

Some of us have taken this thing called glam by the horns and have run with it, others not so much. Rosey cheeks and natural cherry red lips fade away with time, and are replaced by acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other natural skin damage that occurs during the various stages of aging.

Once you have hit your mid thirties, even if wearing makeup is not your thing, adding some color to your face will assist bringing back your youthful glow, and you’ll look vibrant and refreshed.

So, today we’re going to leave the:

“I don’t wear makeup,”

“It’s too much,”

“Who has time for all of that,” and

“I’m naturally beautiful,”excuses at the door and create a super simple look. 

Vibrant and refreshed, girl! That is all we are shooting for today. No getting beat to the Gods, or full on glam with contouring, baking, or concealing, just something quick and easy for a refreshed look that can be worn daily.

Always, always, always start by cleansing your face with products formulated for your specific skin type. At the very least, you should cleanse, tone and moisturizer daily. But, you already know that, and you already have that part down. If not,click HERE for an affordable, toxin-free routine.

Pictured below are all of the tools and products used to complete todays look. BB Water, blush, bronzer, eye brow pencil, liquid eye liner, coal eyeliner, eye shadow, lashes, lash glue, lipstick and lipgloss.


Sheer to Medium face coverage- BB Creams, BB Waters, all water technology foundation formulas, and tinted moisturizers will help even out your skin tone with  light, breathable coverage.

Blush -A neutral toned blush placed on the apples of the cheeks helps to bring color into the face. It’s youthful.

Highlight -Apply highlighter to the high points of your cheeks, bridge and tip of your nose for that goddess glow.


Brows -Use a dark eye shadow, brow pencil, or brow gel to fill in your brows. A quick tip to help frame the face, without too much effort is to line the top of your browns, blend, then use light hair-like strokes to fill sparce areas.

Neutral Eye Shadow Palette -a neutral shadow palette will allow you to create definition on the eyelid with the natural tones of your face. Another alternative to using shadow is to sweep your blush across the lids for a little color.

Liner -Line the top lid from corner to corner, and from the outer corner to mid-line on the lower water line. Use a smudge brush to soften the liner on the  bottom lashline, by sweeping back and forth across the lower lash line.

Lashes -apply lashes, and conceal the lash band.


Lips -To keep the look simple, use a nude lipstick color. To spice up the look, go with red or any other bold color.

The look is complete, now LOOK AT YOU!

Pretty simple, right? Not too much work, right? Not too time consuming, right? Right! This is a look that can easily be completed in under 10 minutes, my skin is vibrant and glowing, and I look more awake.

How does this routine work for you? Is it too much or simply not enough for your day to day needs? Comment below, we want to hear from you!

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