The Essence of Beauty

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What is the essence of beauty? Ask twenty different people that same question and you will get twenty different answers. How do we know? Because we asked twenty different people and got twenty different answers. As cliche as it sounds, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What Does the Essence of Beauty Mean to You?

A few of the answers we received when we asked a group of men and women the question “what does the essence of beauty mean to you,” were:

“Beauty is CONFIDENCE in knowing who you are no matter how ‘the world’ thinks you should look. It is also COURAGE to step out of what’s comfortable ‘acceptable’ and make your own mark!” –O. Cooper

“The essence of beauty is the feeling from within that let’s you know that no matter your size, shape, color, height or flaws, you are made EXACTLY how God wanted and that is BEAUTIFUL!” -L McKelphin

“I think the essence of beauty starts from within. How you feel about yourself shows externally. Confidence plays a role in the essence of beauty. Knowing who you are, knowing how you look and accepting it is a beautiful thing.” –D. CarrolI

“Natural radiation, confidence, smiling, loving honestly.” -S. Jones

“Having a good heart, helping others, smile, patience, kindness, but mostly compassion for others” -C. Young

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Stages of Beauty

As a child, beauty is as simple as brightly colored building blocks or glow in the dark ceiling stickers. Children possess an innocence untarnished by the opinions of society.  Unfortunately, infancy and childhood -the stage of life that is most innocent and pure is short-lived, and passes in the blink of an eye.

For the typical adolescent, beauty is skin deep, or intertwined in a plethora of tangible thrills.   By this stage of life hormones are in overdrive and make it hard to see past material possessions and overly sexualized fantasies. Luckily adolescence us even more short-lived than childhood.

By adulthood, life has happened, your body has changed, your thoughts have shifted, and the things that used to be important (i.e.: vanity, love for material things, being overly dramatic) aren’t so important anymore. What is beautiful in the midst of turmoil, struggle, or illness? How do you find beauty in things when life breaks down; When your body attacks itself; When you have no control over what is happening; When you’re alone in a room with God and your tears -alone in a room with God and your fears? It is in those moments that you finally realize that the true essence of beauty is life itself and all that comes with it, good, bad or indifferent.

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