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5 Tips to Get Up and More Active! (Even with Your Busy Schedule!)

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Summer is almost here and it’s that hectic time of year. Your job is preparing to wrap up the second quarter. The kids will soon be out of school or are prepping for prom and/or graduation. Your weekends are jam packed with events and your evenings are swamped with tackling the things you can’t squeeze in during aforementioned jam packed weekend. (It’s a vicious cycle!) If you’re unable to snatch a morning workout and feeling sedentary, other than the times you’re ripping and running, below are a few tips for how you can make a few changes while in the office that will help get you up, active and give you some activity on the days you feel a workout just isn’t an option.

Walk it out
If you’re usually sedentary at the office, utilize your lunch break to get up and active. I suggest eating before or after, at your desk. This will allow you to eat and free up your full lunch break to get up and moving. Is it too hot? Too cold? Raining? Good news, your walk doesn’t have to be outside. You can walk the floors of your building, if access isn’t restricted, or you can be efficient and get the most out of your time and walk the stairs. There are multiple options and possibilities. You can go at your pace, fitness level and even grab a coworker to join in for accountability.

Take the stairs
Need to go run to another floor? Take the stairs. Have a department meeting located on a floor other than the one where your office is? Take the stairs. Gotta use the restroom but someone is in there blowing up the one on you floor and you just can’t take it? (I can’t be the only one who dodges a blown up bathroom.) You guessed it, gorgeous…TAKE THE STAIRS. Ditching the elevator will not only help you increase your steps and activity throughout the day but it will help give your heartrate a little boost and work those glutes and thighs.

Meal prep/pack your lunch
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This statement is true for so many when it comes to nutrition. Once you’re in the swing of things, it’s easy to resist temptation or poor food choices if you miss prepping or packing a meal here and there, however I think most people will agree that prepping before hang will be your best bet every time. Whether you order a good lean protein and veggies from your favorite spot or supplement that with homecooked meals, having a set plan and prep ahead of time is going to be your nutritional saving grace!

Ditch the chair
Sitting down all day is not only monotonous, it’s counterproductive if you’re trying to be a little more active and burn a few extra calories. If you can’t opt for a standing desk you can take some time to just stand, assuming your desk isn’t extremely low, and work while standing. Another alternative is to get a workout ball to utilize as a chair. Swapping your chair out for the ball will cause you to engage your core and help encourage better posture.

Be less efficient and more strategic
Juggling so many things and tackling life naturally causes many of use to try to be as efficient as possible so we can accomplish more, work a little smarter and not harder. This is something that you may want to ease up on when it comes to becoming a little more active. Going up and down the stairs is likely more time consuming and less efficient than the elevator, but it’s more beneficial. Park farther out, take the stairs, walk around instead of taking a shortcut. These are all minor changes that can have a significant impact as you work to increase your movement throughout the day.

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