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 I was so excited to get the opportunity to attend the Fashionistas Fashion Fridays last night. I put on my highest Gianni Bini Heels, Kate Landry bejeweled clutch, Ana &Ava statement necklace, Gibson & Latimer geo-striped top and leather pants and headed downtown to Fedoras for a fashion show. I was grateful to receive an invite from one of my industry friends.  This was my first Fashionistas fashion show and it definitely lived up to my expectations-glamorous crowd, party -like ambiance, beautiful models, and gorgeous wearable clothes by designers Becky Holland and Le’Venity. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of discovering new talent, and every season the monthly frenzy colloquially known as Fashion Fridays introduces us to a handful of emerging local designers on the verge of becoming household name. I absolutely fell in love with Le’Venity’s by Venny Etienne; the designs exude luxury and sophistication to say the least.  I can’t wait to see more from this local designer. Before the show I was greeted by the dapper and distinguished Dan Pritchett who invited me to become a member of the Fashionistas, which I graciously accepted. The beautiful LeeAnn Locken hosted the event and welcomed all the new members to the organization, however once she reached my name; it became a spelling b, which was quite hilarious. She challenged the audience to spell and pronounce my name correctly, and even added a hash tag. The Dallas Fashion scene is on point I can’t wait to attend other events in the future. If you would like more details on the Fashionistas, Venny Etienne, and the items I wore, click on the links below

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