Why are you wearing red?

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Why you wearing red?

Put on your red dress and slip on your high heels and some of that sweet perfume it sure smells good on you. slide on your lipstick. My My My My, are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Better yet, do you know what you’re wearing? I mean it’s typical to pull out your red dress or black dress and red pumps, but let’s think outside the box this year. I love being different, and hate to be cloned , especially when it comes my look.  Try experimenting with bold colors like orange or electric blue, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons, and you’ll be accused of going against the grain, which is perfectly fine, because that’s what trendsetters do. I don’t follow trends, but I love to start them. Who says you have to be a celebrity to do so? Valentine’s day is a great time to dress your best, it’s the perfect day to put on your little LBD , fishnets, and red lipstick. No matter if you’re single, dating, or married; Valentine’s day is the perfect time to look your best, I mean we all want  to look fabulous on Valentine’s day don’t we????? I mean it’s okay to go with the traditional look of Valentine’s, which are shades of pink and red, and that’s perfectly fine. Just do it with LIFE!!!  You’ll have them saying YAASSSSSSS honey. Baby, I love to give them LIFE, and you should too!!!! With everything you do, always add Style, Class, and Poise. I hope you all enjoy your day.

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