4 Classic Outfits for Today’s Stylish Woman

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Though trends are fun, they tend to fade away over time.  There’s only so much you can do with an assortment of bodycon dresses and caped jumpsuits. Besides, what outfits would you wear to work? I think it’s important to have a collection of classic outfits to wear from one occasion to the next – work, dinner, happy hour or a date!

4 Classic Outfits for Today’s Stylish Woman

I’ve tried to have a wardrobe collection for just about every occasion. It’s easier for me to have one black dress that I can wear several different ways, than seasonal pieces I can only wear every blue moon.  I mean who has the time to sit in the closet for hours at a time sorting through clothes trying to find that perfect look. Ugh, not me. Read on for my rundown: 10 classic pieces to have in your closet at all times.

The Perfect Work Appropriate Summer OutFit

Now, I’m not the type to wear a strapless sundress to work; however I do make sure to wear work appropriate items to fit the season. I really like wearing prints, light fabrics, and a lightweight blazer to top off my business look. They’ll never know it’s strapless, and you can easily transition into a happy hour with the girls.



Nothing like a Classic White Blouse and Black Pants

Now if you’re anything like me you don’t follow trends blindly. I always build upon the items I already have. So I have a few pair of black pants in the different style and a white blouse to wear and accessorize as I please. This one is definitely a must have classic outfit for today’s modern woman!




Fitted Jeans Are a Must Have

Who says you can’t slay in a pair of jeans???? Don’t just throw on a graphic t-shirt!! Spice it up a bit!! Remember, Beyonce told us to slay. Find something that is stylish with lots of personality. I mean there is nothing wrong with wearing a black Peplum top and nude pumps to pull it all together. This look easily goes for casual Friday and dinner out with the girls.


Something You Can Wear and Slay All Day

Now I like to move fast and won’t waste too much time look for an outfit on a Saturday night.  I love to show my legs!! So if it’s not a skirt, then you will definitely see the definition in a pair of skinny jeans. Now if you’re not a legs girl, then I suggest you flatter your silhouette with a classic fit dress or a jumpsuit with a nice pair of heels.  Serve them, ladies, serve them.













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