#StyleFollowsHer Community Kickoff and Promotion

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#StyleFollowsHer Community kickoff and promotion:

If you’re already part of the #StyleFollowsHer community, then you received this announcement first via our SFH community e-blast! Thank you for signing up! But if you’re not signed up, we welcome you to sign up at the Style Follows Her contact page.

After listening to YOU, my readers, talk about their love of fashion and sharing that love through pictures, I wanted to bring my readers together (aka get in #Formation)!

So today, I’m officially kicking off the #StyleFollowsHer community for the ladies that scream style with each step and love being part of a community of fashionista friends.

Special promotion:

  1. Slay: I’m sure this comes natural for you
  2. Share: Take a pic and post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook
  3. Hashtag: Mention the #StyleFollowsHer hashtag with your post
  4. Winner announcement: We will select one winning photo a month and announce first via the #StyleFollowsHer community e-blast. The winner will receive a FREE one-hour consultation and a MAC lipstick!  
  5. Join me at the Style Follows Her blog for tips about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home decor, family, and more to help you #slay, every day!

Remember, sharing is caring, so pass this e-blast along to friends, family, co-workers and other #fashionistas! Just ask your friends to sign up at Style Follows Her, mention that you sent them, and your name will automatically be entered for the promotion!!

I’m so excited to see your #StyleFollowsHer pics! Here’s one from my latest photo shoot:

#StyleFollowsHer street style

#StyleFollowsHer street style


Style Follows Her (SFH) is a fashion and lifestyle brand that inspires, unites and consults today’s modern, stylish woman. SFH is brought to you by SQ (ShantaQuilette), Dallas’ #1 lifestyle connoisseur. 

  • Inspire: Our blog aims to provide today’s modern women with inspiring trends and tips on fashion, style, beauty, home decor, cuisine, and local events. As well as an inside look at the life of The Williams’.
  • Unite: The Style Follows Her Community is a community of women who bring style with them wherever they go and share their style with friends and family online. Our community empowers you to realize the beauty, uniqueness and power in each step you take and in each opportunity you pursue!
  • Consult: Are you ready to transform and reinvigorate your wardrobe? Are you planning an event or wedding? Are you looking to redecorate your home or office? Contact Style Follows Her today to learn more about our consulting services in fashion and wardrobe, event planning, as well as home decor and staging. Clients have included: Dior, Forest and Keisha Whitaker, Kate Capshaw, Barbara Handler, Sabrina LeBouf, and Sandra Bernhard.


SQ, Dallas’ #1 Lifestyle Connoisseur

Do you have questions?? Respond in the comments section or email SQ directly.

Meet ShantaQuilette , creator and author of Style Follows Her Accountant by trade, Lifestyle Designer, Decor Expert, Event Stylist, Cookanista, Beauty Enthusiast and Mom of three, From Denver to Dallas this fashionable entertaining entrepreneur has been styling outfits and entertaining since she was first old enough to reach her dresser and dining room table. Her goal is to ignite the creativity in all women.

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