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There are so many days I think I’m absolutely fabulous. Days I feel like my hair is great and my makeup is popping.  Those day when I feel like I have it all together. Now, you heard me right, I did say days. Maybe I meant minutes or even seconds…okay wait…hours. Chile, please y’all know I can’t be fabulous all the time. I was actually feeling a hot mess today. Though I know a few pounds could be lost, it didn’t stop me today in Russel Stovers..blah, blah, blah. You catch my drift!!!

The minute I feel slayed like Beyonce , this thing called 37 kicks in and makes me feel floppy, flappy, and meh. Sometimes, it takes me scrolling through Instagram  and a photo of Jennifer Lopez or Gabrielle Union in her white midi dress looking absolutely amazing. Sometimes, you can caught up comparing yourself to others who may have better looking bodies, hair, or skin. I tell you now…STOP IT!!!!. Don’t we have better things to think about….like Idris Elba or who’s going to be the next POTUS….side eye on that one. Anyway, I guess it probably went through one ear and out the other.

Many of us throughout life have been told we can do anything we want to. Sometimes no matter how much we hear it and despite all the hooping and hollering, you may not believe you have the image to take you to the top. However, it’s not them it’s us!!!! We really don’t realize how much pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect.  Hey, but let me tell you this…A Style Follows Her Woman or Girl doesn’t allow these type of things to stress them out.  We are not rolling our eyes about not having the best skin, honey there is a fix for everything. It’s called “Confidence and Style”, and I have a few tips that will help you cheat your way into being fabulous and the best version of you know “WHO”

Three Easy Pieces to Make you Stand Out in the Crowd

Faux Diamond Studs or Real If Your Coins are Right!!!

When I worked for Neiman Marcus many years ago I had the opportunity to shop for Forest and Keisha Whitaker. We all have this certain perception of celebrities…like who would of thought a high status husband and wife would be purchasing faux diamond earrings. They shimmer, glimmer , and go with everything, even your nicely framed nude body. We all know diamonds are a Style Follows Her Fashionistas best friend, especially when you can fool everyone to believing they’re real. Just make sure you make it believable. Don’t get them too big. Now 8 carat faux diamond studs, you will fool no one. They should be very small, maybe 1 to 2 carats at the most, or you will get a huge side eye!!


                                                                  JCPENNY actually has a great deal going on right now.


You don’t have a great outfit unless you’re rocking a stylish tote, it’s a great way to pull an outfit together. It will be large enough to carry your ballerina flats, when you’ve had enough of your 5 inch stilettos during a busy work day. Make sure the bag is sturdy and structured well, so you don’t look droopy. Choose color like camel, brown, and black. because they’re neutrals, but don’t be afraid to go for bright colors such as pink, teal, and tangerine if your wearing white.


spring_summer_2015_handbag_trends_tote_bags                                                                         Looking for a stylist Handbag?



Nude Pumps

Nude pumps are classy, sexy, and can pull any outfit together faster than you can say Louboutin. Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to buy brands that eat up your coins to look fabulous. I don’t know who told you that LIE, it wasn’t me chile.  As long as the style has a pointy toe, pushes out some toe cleavage, a skinny heel, you’re fabulous.  Just make sure they’re comfortable!! You don’t want to hear “who let the dogs out”, playing in the background. Make sure you’re cute and comfortable. You don’t want your puppies to be screaming in your midi dress and statement necklace, especially if you’re at work.


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