Dapper Looks For Men On Valentine’s Day

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Dapper on Valentine's Day


I suppose you already know what to get her for Valentine’s Day (you’re welcome), but that’s only part of the equation. You’ll have to find a impressive restaurant  and treat her to a damn good dinner, as well. And on top of that, you’ll have to show up looking damn good, someone she wants to be seen with on a date. On the most romantic night of the year, even though romance should be experienced everyday. However, you’ll have those negative Nancy’s hating on your Valentine’s Day plans.  Daunting? Perhaps. But we’ve got you covered with three ways to put yourself together for the big evening — from dressed-up to dressed-down to somewhere-in-between, depending on how serious things are. At this point, the only thing we haven’t done for you is book dinner reservations (you should really get on that, by the way). We’re helping you with the hard part.

The Dinner Date

Are you planning to impress your boo? Planning to take her out for a dinner date? Then dressing up properly and formally is must. Perfect pair of wing tips , formal jacket, with shirt and pants. You need to look like a gentleman

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 The Casual Date

This  outfit should be very simple. You could wear a t-shirt or a simple shirt with denim jeans. This would give a very casual look. Choose a matching belt and comfortable pair of shoes.
Untitled #102



This is my preferred look!!! Do it right or go home!!!!

Untitled #103

Ultimately, ou must decide the Valentine’s Day dress code once done with the planning. You have plenty of color options. Blue, black,  red, blush,  and grey  are the preferable colors. So chose a color that suits you the most and enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Good luck with your date and make it one unforgettable day for your life.


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