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Entrepreneurship is no task for the light hearted, and sometimes unfortunate circumstances catapult us into our destiny. God puts talents in all of us, sometimes it takes a nudge or push for us to tap into our full potential. In 2007 after 23 years of work in Corporate America, Cassandra Maddox was laid off .  

At that point she began procuring and retailing leather handbags and jewelry in collaboration with a friend until she was able to purchase her own inventory. In less than two year, not only was Cassandra  selling her own bags, she was taking classes with African American Master Leather Craftsmen Arthur Porter learning how to do leather work.

She’s now founder and curator of In the Clutch by Cassie, a collection of artisan products that she personally handcrafts, and founder of Madd Bags and Madd Rags. Cassandra explains that “Entrepreneurship has always been an interest. My mother was a beautiful seamstress, she could make something spectacular out of nothing. I get my inspiration from her.”

In the Clutch by Cassie

In the Clutch by Cassie holds a spot near and dear to the heart because over eighty percent of the products are made by her, by hand!  “I can make watches, belts, handbags, carry bags, and clutches. I make all my clutches myself, and do custom leather work as well.”  she also expressed that, “I love the artisanship and craftsmanship of the turkish jewelry.”  her collection includes pieces from Persia, Bally, Mexico, and Peru. She also explained that she makes about twenty percent of her jewelry, boasting  that, “I’m known for my jewelry as well.”

Cassandra, native of the every mountainous El Paso, TX. She recalls growing up, finding geodes, and slicing them open to reveal the crystals inside sparking her love of stones. “Quality is important to me. I run into ladies who  made purchases with me ten years ago, and their pieces are still in good condition.”


Keep in Contact

Cassandra  retails Madd Bags leather handbags, jewelry and accessories , Mad Rags  clothing, and In the Clutch by Cassie at Millennium 2016 in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, TX. For more information on custom orders contact Cassandra via eMail or Phone at 214-238-2006.

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