Finding Foundation Formulas That Work For YOU

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When it comes to foundations, options are seemingly endless. Light, tan, medium, dark, deep. Cool, Neutral and Warm undertones. Luminous, Matte, Skin finish. Light, Medium and Full coverage. Drugstore vs. High End. Did I cover everything? Probably not. With such a wide variety and range of options  why is so hard to find a foundation match? The simple answer is that God made each of us unique in our own way, and it’s hard to put that in a bottle. But, fall is upon us and summer tans are fading; it’s time for a new foundation shade.

My friend, Tracy and I took to Sephora to in a tag team effort to find the perfect foundation for her! Some of the issues she runs into when it comes to foundation are: finding the right formula for the right occasion (day, night, summer, photos) and just getting the right color. Tracy has textured, oily skin with both golden and red undertones, more golden than red. 

We tried three different brands and formulas; let’s see  how each measured up below!

Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation: soft matte, longwear, buildable, and comes in forty shades shades.   She was match with the shade 430.

Bare Minerals BAREPRO: performance wear, weightless, full coverage, 24 hour wear. She was matched with the shade 24 Nutmeg.

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation: tattoo liquid, 24 hour wear, transfer resistent foundation. She was match with the shade Deep 76 Warm.

In this picture, Tracy is wearing BAREPRO on the right side and Fenty on the left.


In this picture, Tracy is wearing Kat Von D on the right and Fenty on the left.

We couldn’t find a true match for her in Bare Minerals, so she decided to try samples of the Fenty and Kat Von D and choose from those. The biggest different in the two were coverage. Kat Von D’s formula is rich, creamy and looks like makeup, where Fenty is lightweight, medium coverage and skin like.

After spending a full day in both products, Tracy provided an update on the functionality of them, “Both lasted all day and neither rubbed off, even when I rubbed my hand on my face to see if it transferred. It was hard to tell one from the other. It just looked like I put more on one side than the other. I never got oily (which is a big deal!) and the coverage lasted until I washed my face that night. I like them both.”

We notice that the Sephora MUA had an opposite opinion from ours on every foundation that was tried on, but the overall experience was fun.  The store was a little busy, so we had time to play in more than foundations, which made time fly by and Tracy was happen to have input from several sources.

How do you find your foundation match, and do you take friends with you when  you go?


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