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 A Chanel bag is great if you have $5000.00 in it!!! Those of you living the “$40,000 millionaire” lifestyle know exactly what I mean. Yes, you have all the trappings of success,  a Tesla, YSL Boots, $1000.00 iPhone, and 0 in your savings account. None of these items are building your net worth. Honestly, we both know all the material goods you’ve gathered over the years, your life is in the distance when it comes to the words “financially secure”. You have a great career, but very little to show for it and you’re racking up debt.

I’ve been working with individuals and businesses for almost three years, and despite the reality living on credit has become the American norm.  Everything can be financed these days, even a milkshake, when you swipe your credit card at Wendy’s you’ve just financed a chocolate Frosty.  Let’s blame it on the Joneses or your favorite reality star!! It’s nothing wrong with having a want it all attitude, but I need you to be realistic.

Good Credit can get you a Tesla with no money down, however, it can also have you sinking in debt and struggling to stay afloat if you don’t have the income to make that hefty payment. Living beyond your means can have heavy consequences, it can cause unhappiness, anger, and depression. Overspending is not cool!! If you have a six-figure salary, spending like you have 7, it can get you in some serious in some serious trouble. Here are a few indications, that you may be living outside your means

  • all your credit cards have maxed out balances
  • skipping payments you can’t afford
  • need credit to make everyday purchases
  •  money is spent before you get it.
  • have a low credit score due to your debt to income ratio.
  • get turned down when you apply for credit
  • don’t know how much debt you actually have
  • can’t sleep
  • continue to apply for credit with maxed out cards.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, chile you need to get your life right. You’re living dangerously!! It’s time for a 30-day detox. I know it’s not easy, but you’ll feel so much better, trust me. It’s time to start making smart financial choices and leave a legacy for your family.  Vision a day when all your debt has been wiped away.You can’t be fabulous or a Boss with bad credit. Living a fabulous lifestyle is about having a healthy financial life. I’ve been there, let me tell you the truth. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Put down everything you owe in writing.
  • Don’t apply for any more credit
  • Create a 12-month plan
  • Order your credit report
  • Start paying your lower balances down with more than the minimum payment.
  • Sign up for Credit Karma
  • Put an end to junk mail, don’t get fooled by, “You’re Pre-Approved”
  • Stop making excuses
  • Negotiate with creditors for a lower interest rate.
  • Dispute Credit Errors
  • Don’t shop another day until you organize your closet.
  • Get organized
  • Take a list to the store and cash.
  • Manage your wants against your needs.

Botton line is, be wise with your spending and you’ll be so much happier. Chanel Bag, and $100,000 cars are great if your finances are in order, but don’t become the $40,000 millionaire.


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