Veil Cosmetics Expands With 3 New, Deep Foundation Shades

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After five years on the market vegan brand, Veil Cosmetics has expanded their Sunset Skin Foundation and Complexion Fix lines adding “deep” shades—5P, 5N, and 5G. Veil Cosmetics it the market during New York Fashion Week in 2017 with a mission of “modernizing the traditional approach to makeup by revealing gorgeous skin, not masking it, with multi-tasking, treatment cosmetics.”

Veil’s expansion of its complexion products definitely exposes the brand to a new sector of clientele. And we got our hands on the new releases for some good, old-fashion chocolate-girl  testing. I tested the products on myself, a friend from corporate and I also received input from my friend, who is a Pro MUA.

         Sunset Light                Complexion Fix                   SunSet Skin


When I unboxed the product and eyeballed the shades from the packaging, the foundation colors looked like they may have been a bit too dark, but not dark enough to not try them out for myself. I was told the new shades were “deep,” but like the Sunshine Anderson 2000 hit says, “I’ve heard it all before!” I had a side eye or two about the whole “deep” complexion situation and since I hadn’t experienced the product personally, I wanted to try it. I figured I wouldn’t be a match, but I wanted to feel the product after reading up on it.

I’ve been matched with MAC NW43 and wear Fenty 400.  I applied the product to a newly cleansed face and found that I got the best match from the shade 5P. Girl! I loved the way these products felt on my face! I have dry skin, so the Sunset Light serum was like heaven for me. It went on smooth and felt airy -as did the Sunset Skin foundation. The foundation is more luminous than I prefer, so I’d have to set it with powder and I liked the creamy texture of the concealer. I was also pleasantly surprised (and disappointed on a personal level) that the deep shades were just a tad bit too deep for me.



My friend, Michaela Lewis, tried the products and provided her input opinion on the the  shade range and formula. Michaela doesn’t wear foundation often, but when she does it’s Mary Kay Bronze 4.  Her skin type is Normal and she was pleased with the results of the products. Her best match was 5P as well. A mix of Veil 5P Complexion fix with Mary Kay deep bronze provided the perfect match for her concealer shade.
“I like it. I doesn’t really feel like I have anything on and I like that. I’m curious to see what it will look like in a couple of hours though -I tend to get oily when I wear foundation,” she says.  She noticed that after wearing the foundation for about an hour she needed to blot.


Because there are levels to this, and I want to cover all of them, I reached out to my friend, Alfena Williams (@a.norell_mua), a professional makeup artist in Dallas, TX. Alfena wears MAC NW50 and can wear Fenty 430 on the days she feels like contouring, or 450 on the days she doesn’t. Her skin type is oily and  she told me the following about her experience with Veil.

“I first used the primer [Sunset Light], just to kind of see how it would absorb the skin, and I wasn’t too fond of it.  Because when it dried down, it was very dry verses smoothing the skin  -in a sense -and making it feel subtle.

After that, I tried the foundation [Sunset Skin] and I think the darkest one was the 5P, but I’m not certain. Regardless, none of them were actually my color. When I put the foundation on top of the serum it just sat on the skin. It didn’t absorb like I expected. I tried to blend it out, but it was just like a mask in a sense -very dry in my opinion,” she says.

“However, I tried the concealer [Complexion Fix], and I actually liked it. It was easy to blend and I like the packaging. The ones that click are my favorite, cause it’s kind of like you get exactly what you need out of it. You don’t have to overuse the product because it’s not a whole lot that comes out at once -so I like that aspect of it,” she says.

But explains that, “Overall I probably wouldn’t purchase it for myself. Only because I think that -by looking at the chart they don’t have my tone. That level 5 is as dark as it got.”

@a.norell_mua is not wering Veil in this photo, as there was no match for her shade.

Overall Opinion

After experiencing the deep shades for myself, and having my friends provide their opinions -I’m going to say that there are a still a few levels of ‘deep” that can be explored before any praises go up for the expansion of this line. It’s a start and we (Black women) appreciate that! The Sunset Skin foundation’s luminous formula worked for two out of three of us and I recommend dry skin types giving it a try. The Complexion Fix was a hit for us all and I definitely recommend trying that as well.  I’m willing to give Veil another try with my true complexion match.

The addition of the deep shades to the twelve original shades provides customers with thirty shades to choose from across the color spectrum. For more information, visit


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