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5 Sexy Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

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The infamous love day comes with a few givens—roses, chocolates, dinner and, of course, cocktails. Don’t forget ROMANCE………….. A sexy drink is dreamlike, forthrightly sophisticated and ever so womanly. It’s the ultimate accessory for when you’re looking glammed up best for Bae.


Skip the flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day, and mix up a romantic cocktail instead, a change that is sure to impress your sweetheart. Sweep them off there feet with these sexy sips.


Cherry Champagne

Champagne Flute


4 oz Champagne

1 1/2 oz cherry brandy


Combine ingredients in a champagne flute and serve,


American Rose

Wine Glass


1 oz. Campari

4 oz Champagne twist of lemon peel to garnish


Pour Campari into a flute and fill with Champagne. Twist the lemon peel over the drink and serve.


Violet Little OL’Lavender Girl

Martini Glass


6 mint leaves

2 1/2 oz lavender-infused gin

2 tsp grenadine

2 tsp blue curacao

1 1/2 oz fresh lychee juice

Spring and lavender to garnish


Muddle mint leaves in the bottom of a shaker.  Add other ingredients and shake with ice.

Strain and serve in a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with floating lavender sprig.



Martini Glass


1 1/2 oz flower-infused vodka

2 tsp. black raspberry liqueur

pomegranate molasses to garnish


Pour vodka and liqueur into a blender.

Mix well and serve immediately in a molasses rimmed martini glass.



Old-Fashioned glass


1 1/2 oz bourbon

1 1/2 tsp amaretto, juice of a lemon 1/2


Pour all ingredients into an old-fashioned glass over ice and stir.




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