Cheers! You’re Not Late…You’re Right On Schedule.

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Anybody not exactly where they want to be just yet in life?! *raises hand* If I’m not the only one, then you too are not alone! It’s an ever changing thing, because as you do more you aspire to do even more. So if this is you then inhale…exhale…and keep pushing. The ultimate struggle is not allowing the current and TEMPORARY blows to your attempts to adult at an “optimal” level blind and discourage you from the bigger picture. (Finger quotes for optimal because it’s ALL relative. We often never feel like we’re doing enough when we aren’t seeing things come together as we’d hoped or as quickly as we’d like.)


Look beyond the temporary

Seeing PAST the current chapter in life, often struggly, ridden with real life bills, unexpected pop up expenses, failed attempts, feeling overlooked and underwhelmed and constantly wondering if/where you’re failing and how to improve is hard…like super hard. Although, I’m all for self-improvement I know one area I, personally, need to work on is trusting the process and accepting that most of the time, the process never goes down quite like I planned or expected. I can devise a plan, A, B, and C (You know…just in case!) for extra caution, but life is all about timing and if I haven’t reached my perfect timing my plan may have to carry on longer than I thought. It doesn’t mean that my plan A is wrong, it simply means I may have to dedicate more time to it than I originally expected.



I’ve listened to so many disgruntled people, both men and women, myself included, airing out their frustrations, tweaking their plans and reassessing their entire lives when sometimes it’s just a matter of being a little more patient, having a little more faith and waiting on the right timing for everything to fall into place, often even better than we’d originally hoped. So inhale…exhale… and GIVE YOURSELF A WHOLE BREAK, because one thing is for certain, there’s no way to truly speed up the process and we must all go through our own. I must go through mine, you through yours and despite a similar goal, each journey to the same finish line could be completely different with an alternate route, one which may expedite the process and another that may prolong it. *Kanye Shrug*


Adjust your perspective

We’re flustered, panicked, many times discouraged and somewhere there’s someone else watching, feeling inspired, lowkey cheering us on and wishing they could get to the very place we are trying to overcome. It’s all about perspective! We may not feel the progress nor see the changes, as it’s hard to do that while standing in the middle of a real life whirlwind but even a small victory is still a victory and at the end of the day the little victories are what get us closer to the big win!



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