March Madness: Purge and Reward

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March is upon us which means it’s time for us to switch out the wardrobe. For most of us, we also use this month as an opportunity to complete intensive spring cleaning. So why not also use this time to spend some quality time with your closet?  For many of us, the thought of having to purge ourselves of fond memories; that time when we could wear anything; or that one go to outfit that brought out our alter ego is an overwhelming task!! However, once you tackle this task, you will reap rewards for your purging.

Now that you have decided to purge your closet, where do you begin?  I recommend putting on the playlist that puts you in the mood for cleaning and dive right in.  When going through your closet, divide everything into three categories: 1) keep; 2) donate; and 3) resell.   Look at each item and ask yourself, “What purpose does the item serve? Does the item have some life left in it but it isn’t quite your style anymore?  Once you have purged your closet of unwanted items, the fun begins! It’s reward time!

You can collect your reward in different ways – donating your items or collecting cash. If you’re planning to donate, why not consider donating to a thrift store that supports a worthy cause? Not only will you receive satisfaction for helping someone, your gift may also be tax deductible.  Below is a list of entities that offer tax deductions for your gifts.

If you prefer to collect cash for your fashion, consider dropping your items off at Buffalo Exchange or Uptown Cheapskate.  Each store offers cash upfront without the need to consign.

So turn up that playlist, clean out your closet, and collect your reward!!

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