Colour U Cosmetics “Inner Beauty” For A Cause With Genise Shelton

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Colour U Cosmetics ( is a high-end, full makeup and skin care line made for the discerning woman who recognizes that she must put her best face forward when taking on the world. Founded in 2004 by Karen Stallings in Norfolk, VA, Colour U Cosmetics made its debut a few years prior to 2010 at The Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta. Stallings created the brand after more than 20 years in the hair industry. She began her career as a platform hairstylist, and later as a salon and barbershop owner. But she always had plans of branching out. The line initially launched as a brand exclusively for women of color. It has now expanded, and has also launched a corporate responsibility initiative with brand influencers who use their platforms for good use,  starting with Bravo’s Married To Medicine Season 4 cast member Genise Shelton.

At a young age Stallings had her eye on the prize and tells us, “I started off as a hairstylist. I’ve worked for Redken, Clairol, and Paul Mitchell, as a platform artist. I was an educator for Hair Cutter, which is similar to Great Clips or Supercuts, I was their educator on the East Coast- the only black one, so that took a lot out of me and made me grow up fast, because I was 24 at the time. I’ve owned my own salons and barbershops, and I decided -well I knew when I was in beauty school that I wasn’t going to be the old lady behind the chair, and that was when I was 18.”

She explains the need she sought to fulfill with Colour U Cosmetics.

“I’m a woman of color, so I wanted to started a brand for women of color, because we have a hard time finding something that matches our skin. I wanted to make sure that we had a foundation and a powder that will look like our skin when we put it on without feeling heavy, or caked up, but still covered. So, I wanted to target that demographic, and as our company grew we had to start crossing over,” Stallings says.

As for the corporate responsibility initiative, Colour U Cosmetics has teamed up with reality tv personality, Genise Shelton to release its first celebrity beauty campaign geared towards philanthropy. Genise’s Favorite Things/The “Inner Beauty” campaign is focused on encouraging teens and young women to strengthen their core identity to complement their outer beauty as a way to develop strong self-esteem and awareness and talking points around human sex trafficking. The official campaign launched in Atlanta, GA, on February 15th at Colour U’s flagship store in the Stonecrest Mall.

Inner Beauty is the lip gloss color Genise curated for the campaign. It’s a rustic copper color that can be worn year round, and it matches all complexions. When Stallings met the reality star she had no idea that Shelton not only wore the brand, but swore by it.



Genise and I met at a weekend event in Georgia. We were bumping into each other that whole weekend and I went to introduce myself to her not knowing that she was already using Colour U Cosmetics. We just kind of started talking and she was telling me how she loves the product, and how she can’t be without her HD Foundation.  She doesn’t want anyone using anything else on her face, so she takes it with her.

She told me about her foundation, Our Children’s Keeper ( And, I like her family background. I like her as a woman, and how she carried herself. I like what she stands for. That’s what attracted me to her. She believes in our product and I believed in what she’s doing, and now it’s like we’re girlfriends,” Stallings says.


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