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Here’s the deal – I shop a lot. Working as a fashion journalist and stylist, I am always on the prowl for different looks and pieces to make my outfit stand out. I try not to always shop in the same stores in the mall, since that gets redundant and I get uninspired. So lately, I have been browsing the internet for some trendy websites to shop right now.

While online shopping makes me hesitant (am I the only one scared of sizing charts??), I have had some really positive results with these e-commerce sites. Not only did I get exactly what I paid for, but I managed to find original and trendy pieces that have helped to make me stand out. Thankfully for you, I am sharing those websites with you today.


I stumbled on this e-commerce website by chance when they followed me on Instagram. I was so curious about who everscollective was that I followed back and spent an hour scrolling through their online store. And I was definitely impressed with what I found. Located in Rhode Island, the online boutique was founded by Eryn, a Suffolk University graduate who outsources the best and eye-catching pieces. I recently bought this red crop top and matching pants set, and wore it to a housewarming party. Not to brag, but I got lots of compliments on this set, with many noting the modern twist on classic 1950’s outfits this look conveyed. The clothes and accessories are all affordable, with free shipping over $100 and you can get a 15% discount on your order if you subscribe to the email list.

Shop here.

Matty’s Fab Avenue

I am from Canada – I can’t recommend quality websites to shop if I don’t mention a true Canadian-based online boutique. I discovered Matty’s Fab Avenue a couple of months ago and I have fallen madly in love. Not only is the founder Matty one of the nicest humans on earth, all of his products and accessories are whimsical, unique and, of course, super fabulous. If you want to have a minimal outfit accompanied by a bold statement accessory, Matty’s Fab Avenue will have you covered. My personal recommendation? This jacket purse, which is reminiscent of Moschino, without the Moschino prices. It is edgy and gives off just enough flair of the dramatic without being tacky. Everything is affordable and includes free shipping to Canada and the US on orders over $50.

Shop here.


Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she will rule the world – so the saying goes. Janiko is based in Germany and they make luxury footwear and accessories. I ordered these snakeskin print sneakers and don’t have enough positive things to say about them. Not only are they super comfortable and trendy, but they are a bold statement piece to any outfit I wear. Whether I am wearing jeans and a white t-shirt or a black fringe skirt with a crochet tank top, these sneakers are a must-have. If you shop the website, make sure to use the size chart as some of the shoes are a size smaller and you should take the next size.

Shop here.


In my last post, I talked about my love of vintage clothing. Thankfully, there is a website to shop for that. The clothes are all gently used, with brands ranging from Adidas, to Helmut Lang, to Stella McCartney. Not only are you promoting sustainability, but you are getting affordable high end designer clothes and accessories. Call that a win-win!

Shop here.

Moda Society

If you’re looking to redefine the luxury online shopping experience, look no further than Moda Society. Based out of Australia, they collaborate with brand ambassadors and private collaborators from all over the world and outsource the best designers and clothing. These brands include Gucci, Prada, Alexander MxQueen and Chanel.

Shop here.

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