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I Hate Dirty Laundry, Especially Yours

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Every relationship has its dirty laundry. Why do you think we want to know about yours?

Ever let your dirty laundry pile up? Mounds of socks, sheets, clothes and towels all stacked up in one big, steaming pile of gross. The more you add to it, the harder it is to look at until you eventually have to deal with it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just lay out all that filth and have someone take care of it for you? If this was actual “laundry” then yes, it would be possible for someone else to take care of it. Relationship “dirty laundry” is a different story however. Only you and your significant other can take care of that-and you should do it without involving the entire world.

Ever met Ruby and Ken? You know, the couple you see at birthday parties or whose “lovey-dovey” pictures fill your social media news feed. So sweet. They love going on long hikes with their dog Bruiser and cooking healthy meals together. Their love is palpable-and so is their hate. They have intense, screaming, knock-down drag out fights (sometimes in public which is always suuuper fun) and tell everybody about it. Sometimes even airing it out on their social media accounts. All relationships have their issues. Does everybody need to know about it?

You probably know a couple like Ruby and Ken. They wax poetic about their love one week and look for people to take sides on their dysfunction the next. A real life soap opera except you know the actors. This phenomenon of telling everybody everything fascinates me because I’m the exact opposite. But some people feel like we need to know everything that goes on behind closed doors. Social media has become a platform where people find instant gratification and a false sense of importance.

We spend a lot of time scrolling through the latest celebrity news, make-ups and break-ups so we feel the need to share that type of information about ourselves. People also look for validation outside of their relationship. Trying to convince others of your eternal happiness when deep down everyone knows the ugly truth.  We’ve become a culture where displaying your relationship is more important than the actual relationship itself. We’ve convinced ourselves that dirty laundry is fascinating. It’s really not. It’s exhausting. Do us all a favor. Shut up already.

Your dirty laundry is no one’s business but yours. Especially your friends.

Airing your dirty laundry is also a crime against your friends. One day you hate each other on Facebook the next day you’re celebrating “years of happiness”. What do your friends do now when they see you together?! It’s a difficult road to navigate because friends don’t know whether to support you in your disgust or invite them to the next birthday party. It’s not cute to be the that couple. What’s worse is telling everybody all your relationship business like it’s going to improve or change. Handle your dirty laundry without involving your friends. We don’t need or want to know.

Social media should go back to being a platform for information, support, sh!ts and giggles. No more Ruby and Ken battles and relationship strife. Take it offline, we can’t help you. We have our own dirty laundry to clean. It’s one thing to phone a friend and have a conversation about your relationship, it’s quite another to put your latest blow up on blast then announce your engagement the next week. We can’t keep up. You wash your dirty laundry and we’ll wash ours.  Separately and behind closed doors.

Do you have a Ruby and Ken in your life? How has dirty laundry affected your friendships? Sound off in the comments!

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