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Weekly Challenge: Quit Your Judgment

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Judgment is ruining us. Our opinions are so important.

Her shoes. His girlfriend. Their children. Her job. Their friends. His religion. Her politics. Ever heard the sudden hush come over a room as soon as you walk in? Awkward. Ever leaned over to a friend and commented on a passerby? All the time. Judging others is like a sport-and every one of us is guilty. Judgment is ruining us.

A few years ago, I got a glimpse of exactly how judgmental we all are. Sunny day, patio lunchin’ with a few friends. I overhear two of my lunch dates commenting and snickering at anyone that walked by. “Look at her.” “Did you see his-” The judgment parade was in full swing. It felt gross and I didn’t like it. Besides that, it made me evaluate the company I keep.

I thought “They have no room to talk.” That was me being judgmental. But seriously, why do we feel the need to look at someone and assess them without knowing who they are? Why do we pass judgment before hearing everything about a situation? We’ve all been judged before, shouldn’t that be a good enough reason to stop judging others?


We tend to judge what we dislike about ourselves

I discovered we tend to judge others based on things we dislike about ourselves. It’s the equivalent of the old adage “Misery loves company.” Instead of reflecting on what‘s happening internally, we focus that negativity outward and judge others. Criticizing someone’s body because you hate your own. Judging a person’s relationship while secretly brooding about yours or lack thereof. Critiquing how a mother raises her children. These are just a few of the endless list of things we condemn about others.

I’ll admit I participated in some of these “judgment sessions”. Not anymore though. Watching other people participate in it helped me see how tiresome and unproductive it really is. I’ve become more empathetic. Of course, its human nature to have an opinion, they’re like a$$holes, we all have one. The key is recognizing that your opinion doesn’t apply to another person’s life or choices they make.

Here’s my challenge to you this week. I dare you NOT to judge anyone. I dare you to remember a time when you were judged and how that felt when you get the urge to be critical. Recognize that you probably don’t know the whole story. Remember everyone doesn’t think like you or have the same life experiences. Realize every situation does not require a response. Most importantly, remember that judging someone is more of a reflection on you than the person you’re talking about. Be good to each other. We’re all we’ve got.

Have you ever judged a situation too harshly? When was the last time you felt judged? Sound off in the comments!


*Weekly Challenges will be issued every THURSDAY*

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