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We The People

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Splashy headlines and doctored images

Want you to believe all you see and hear

What a different world we would live in

If insight and research became our greatest peers

Outrage and heated responses are what they always count

While we the people fail to realize we’re part of the plan to gut out

The purity of this nation and how cautiously it was formed

On the backs of many individuals, a lot of whom are shunned

For not looking like certain people in this country that have been told


That their kind is preferred and that others dare not be so bold

As to say anything other than this country of ours is great

Though evidence mounts daily that this clearly is not the case

What would happen if we all stopped long enough to look around

And started to question those who make the loudest sounds

About others who voice concern, sadness and despair

When innocent lives are taken and only a few seem to care

The headlines will mislead you and soon their judgment is your own

All the while we forget that someone is never coming home

The victim’s pointless history fills your newsfeed with a misguided display

While the aggressor is shielded and coached on how to get away

With making a “mistake” or “fearing for their life”


Conveniently glossing over the fact

That the victim’s family forever cries

Because we have become a nation of act before you think

And in certain lines of work this is the perfect way to extinct

Certain types of people and still go on with your life

Not once stopping to think that while getting paid you are causing strife

When did we become a nation so afraid of our fellow man

That we shoot with intent to kill

Instead of lending a helping hand


We may have ended slavery but there’s always been a plan

To keep certain people down and do it any way they can

When do the good guys finally take the bad guys to task

Instead of cowering behind a system with a very flawed present and past

You tell us not to blame all

And I would ask you to do the same

The next time you see a photo

And a person of color being blamed

If we want to truly have the back of our men in blue

We must as a country hold them accountable too

And as long as this concept is where we disagree

I’m sorry but this country will never be truly free

Writer, Ordained Minister, Process Server, Activist, Sports junkie. I exist on a healthy diet of pizza and sarcasm. Have a slight shoe obsession, love the color blue, watching old school cartoons and helping others see the AMAZING in themselves!

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