Reflections of a Rookie Fashion Blogger

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I have a confession. I don’t know much about being a fashion blogger. As a matter of fact, before I began as a contributor for Style Follows Her, I didn’t have the slightest idea how to write about fashion.  However, I did know that there was an indirect relationship between accounting and fashion. In the accounting world, the bottom line is king.  Accounting wants to know what value-added item are you bringing to the table?  How can we cut costs and make the bottom line look better?   I know that most people love a bargain no matter how much they love to shop.  The bottom line in shopping is “how can I get the most bang for my buck?”  The value-add items for shopping include: catching an amazing sale, gaining a confidence boost, or celebrating a major life changing event.

Connecting the dots between accounting and fashion gave me the confidence to become a contributor.  My first article, ” Renew, Revamp, Reuse….” made me feel like I had conquered fashion.  I thought “look at me becoming a fashion blogger.” What a rookie mistake…lol. Reflecting over the last ten months, I have learned a few important lessons in the world of fashion blogging. The major lesson being that fashion isn’t just about what you wear. Instead it is an extension of who you are.  The article, “What Your Clothes Say About You” tells us that clothing can send messages of how we’re perceived.   Believe it or not, your clothes say a lot about you.   I had never given much thought to that sentiment until I began writing articles.  Even as some people would comment about my wardrobe, I would just blow them off.  If I had a pair of sneakers, I was good.  But what I began to realize is that despite my lack of clothing expression, I was still projecting an expression onto others.  I have continued to work on my clothing expression.  In my inner circle, the running joke is “she is becoming such a girl.”  Despite changing my clothing expression, I have continued to incorporate my sneakers as part of my fashion stamp.

Here are a few things to contemplate about your wardrobe.

  • How do you express yourself with your clothing?
  • Are you projecting positive vibes with your clothing expression?
  • What item is part of your fashion stamp?


happy clothing expression from the sneaker gal,


I am a lover of sneakers and t-shirts - I know it isn't much of a fashion statement, but I make it work. I have been told I have an infectious laugh and I love to laugh. I have lived in Texas for over 10 years. In my spare time I enjoy dabbling in crafts and reading.

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