Dress Your Age: But Why?

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My friends and I have reached the age where we aren’t quite ready for the “mom” jeans, but don’t feel the need to dress like a teeny bopper. I recently read an article stating that Gabrielle Union was told to “dress her age.”  So this got me to thinking “What does that mean?”  Is there some fashion agency lurking out there somewhere gathering data about you? Are they ticking off points against you if you fail to dress what they consider age appropriate?  Is it once you reach a certain age, you’re destined to leave behind the fashion style that defined who you were?  If this is the case, why do we have such slogans as ” Forty and Fabulous” or “Living My Best Life?”  If these slogans are true, shouldn’t we be able to wear what makes us feel fabulous?  

When you reach a certain age, there is no rule that says you have to give up your signature style.  If it makes you feel fabulous, then wear it.  No one can define who you are by dictating your wardrobe style.  Sure as we age, our style may evolve, but that doesn’t mean certain wardrobe items are off limits.  Curvy doesn’t mean you can’t show some skin.  Basically, you should dress for the body you have.  

If we subscribed to the idea of dressing your age, then where would someone like Maye Musk be?  At the fabulous age of 70, Maye is slaying the old stereotype of how a seasoned woman should dress.  

Another woman slaying the fashion scene is Cicely Tyson.  Even her 90’s, Cicely is considered fashion royalty.  She hasn’t let age define her fashion style.

So if Maye Musk and Cicely Tyson can break down dress your age barriers, so can you.  You don’t have to give into the adage of dressing your age.  Your fashion style is an extension of who you are, so there is no need to lose it after you reach a certain age.  






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