Methodist Dallas Medical Center Goes Pink With GLAMCON

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The Pink Peppermint Project is proud to announce our presenting sponsor for GLAMCON 2019, Methodist Dallas Medical Center! Building relationships with organizations and facilities such as Methodist Dallas Medical Center helps us to maintain our mission of providing  programs, services and resources designed to support, educate and empower women living with a diagnosis of breast cancer and their caregivers. 

More About Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Methodist Dallas Medical Center was established 95 years ago as a 100-bed facility located south of the Trinity River by a group of Methodist ministers and civic leaders.  By the 1960s, Dallas Methodist Hospital had grown to include 420 beds, more than four times our original size. Today, the hospital contains over 585 beds and the latest in cutting-edge medical technology. Their mission: To improve and save lives through compassionate and quality healthcare.

On-the-go Mammos & Comprehensive Care


Breast Center at Methodist Dallas Comprehensive, Coordinated Breast Health and Breast Cancer Treatment in a Compassionate, Caring Environment. The multidisciplinary Breast Center at Methodist Dallas Medical Center offers complete breast health services. In addition to the services provided within the facility Methodist Dallas Medical Center also provides a mobile mammography unit. We spoke with Quality & Outcomes Manager, Charla Gauthier and Oncology Coordinator, Survivorship Registered Nurse, Danielle Fortado for detailed insight on the programs and support systems offered by Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

“I know that there are several other facilities in the area that have units, but I feel like ours is extra special,” Gauthier expressed. “Our department has a very high patient satisfaction score, and what makes our program extra special is two things. Number one, we’re accredited through the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. And then number two, our navigation program hits on the entire continuum of care cycle for our breast patients.

So if a lady who ordinarily would not have the opportunity to get a mammogram, via either transportation issues or time issues, let’s say for example we’re going to be at Fellowship Christian Church in south Dallas. We’ll go there, she’s able to get screened, if her results are abnormal we have a women’s imaging navigator who will contact her to identify any barriers to care for her getting follow-up,” she said.  

The imaging navigator calls individuals with their results are, ensures individuals are able to come in -if there are any transportation issues, the imaging navigator will help figure that out, and will also contact and inform the individual’s physician that the individual has been notified of their results. The imaging navigator then expedites getting orders for follow-up care.

“So then when she comes in, and let’s say she’s recommended for biopsy, our [imaging] navigator also provides education, in regards to what exactly is the procedure, why is it being done. And once the results are posted, from that point we would have a breast cancer nurse navigator, if it comes back as breast cancer, she would contact the patient to make sure that she gets in with a surgeon. A MEDOC and a RADOC, and if the patient opts for reconstructive surgery that she also has that option. 

What we do here is eliminate the number of times a patient would have to come to our center. So, we have what’s called a comprehensive multidisciplinary clinic. This gives the patient the opportunity to meet with all of her doctors at one time rather than coming in on Tuesday at 9:00 for surgeon, and Wednesday at 10:00 for a MEDOC. She sits down with all of them during one appointment to develop a treatment plan for her breast cancer,” explained Gauthier.


The mobile mammogram unit is free to reserve and available Monday through Saturday and on Sundays with 60 days’ notice. Appointments are scheduled from 9AM to 3:30PM or 9:30AM to 4PM.The unit is able to screen up to 25 mammograms per day. However, a minimum of 15 appoints must be scheduled for the unit one week prior to its scheduled visit. 

Survivor Support

Methodist Dallas Medical Center also provides a survivorship program, and recently established survivorship support group held the first Tuesday of each month, coordinated by Fortado. 

“Cancer survivorship is intended to meet needs of patients after a cancer diagnosis, and help them thrive and return back to health after their cancer treatment is completed. In survivorship there’s a thing called acute survivorship, which is during active treatment, and then there’s extended survivorship. That’s where I come into play. After the patient has completed their acute treatment and I am intended to come in and meet them where they’re at after cancer treatment. Where they kind of feel like they’ve had all these doctors’ appointments monthly, and now they’re like, ‘What am I supposed to do now?’ That’s where I come in to play, after their treatment has already finished,” said Fortado.

Oncology Coordinator, Survivorship RN, Danielle Fortado

“I meet with patients [for] about 30 minutes to an hour after the surgeon has pretty much cleared them. The medical oncologist has cleared them, they say, ‘Okay, you’re cancer free, I’ll need to see you in three to six months.’ So I come in after that appointment, because patients are usually anxious about what happens next, how do I get back to normal life, stuff like that. During my survivorship meeting with the cancer survivors, we go over their care plan – that I’ve created. And what that is, it’s an individualized care plan, a whole treatment summary, in great detail, about the treatment they received and also their follow-up care. 

We go over all late and long-term side effects of cancer treatment, whether that be chemotherapy, radiation that they’ve received, or if they are now put on a hormone pill, I go over all of those side effects, how they can manage them, what they should expect. I help them cope with any fears of reoccurrence moving forward, because that’s a lot of anxiety that the cancer might come back. And I help implement a healthy lifestyle regarding exercise and nutrition and just emotional health as well,” she explained.

Patients undergo distress screenings during and after their treatment is completed. The tests are compared to determine if the patient is doing better once treatment is complete. Once the results are reviewed, Fortado then discusses community, as well as any Dallas Methodist resources the patients may need. To include the recently established Survivorship Support Group that is held the first Tuesday of each month. It’s free and open to the public.

See You at GLAMCON

GLAMCON 2019 will be a 3-day event from October 11-13, 2019. For detailed information and to purchase tickets visit www.glamconevent.org. Be sure to visit the Methodist Dallas Medical Center table during GLAMCON 2019 for detailed information on the programs and services provided at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. For information on dates and locations of the mobile mammography unit, call the scheduling department at (214)-947-1766 or visit www.MethodistHealthSystem.org/MobileMammo

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