Holiday Packages






Holiday Decor Packages

I want to work with you to create a wonderful holiday decorated space (home or office), inside or out. I can decorate your tree(s), fireplace mantel, tables, landings, foyers, staircase, or what you need for holiday festivities, that you might be planning, and so much home. Style Follows Her will assist in the purchase of a Christmas tree and do all the decorating for you.

I have many ideas for your home to create an impressive holiday display and atmosphere for friends, employees or company parties.

Reasonable Home Decorating Packages, large and small include: Setting up the tree(s), decorating using new, used, family or any combination of tree ornaments, decorations and embellishments, room decoration, fireplace mantel & similar settings, table decor and settings, wreath decorating etc. Leave it all to us with your BUSY schedule…

Home Decorating Packages include: Setting up the tree(s), decorating following a color-scheme choice if you like new or used tree decorations, decorating of conference space, office foyer, reception, wreaths, decor, centerpieces eic…

We can also decorate with your own holiday decorations, tree(s) and we will embellish as needed to create a spectacular space.

Christmas Tree:

4′-10′ Tree Set-up & Decorated

Price = $25 per for of free (with you decorations).   **Additional decorating supplied can be added for a fee.


Fireplace Mantal/Wreath Decoration

1) Holiday Wreath
2) Garland with decorations, with/without lights.
3) With/without lighted potted trees (with your decorations)
Price: $120 **Additional decorating supplies can be added for a fee


Shopping for decorations:


Holiday home décor package:

$100/hour (2 hour minimum)
Whether it’s Christmas time, a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration, a 4th of July BBQ, a Halloween Party, or an Easter or Thanksgiving Dinner or a special event like a birthday party, Style Follows Her Designs is
the best choice to bring a vibrant and personal touch to the inside and outside of your home. Contact Style Follows Her today to make your home decorating dreams a reality.

Contact us for a estimate on our holiday decorating packages

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