Style & Wardrobe Consulting


Revamp Your Closet

Is your closet a mess? You can’t see the floor or open the door all the way? Too overwhelmed to prepare for your wardrobe consultation? Fear Not!!

  • ShantaQuilette will arrange your clothes, shoes, and accessories so that you can efficiently and quickly dress for any occasion. 
  • She will provide you with closet organization tips and suggestions so that the headache of dressing is gone. 
  • She can refer you to a professional organizer for other organizational needs 

$200 for 3 hours of time


“Shop Your Closet” Wardrobe Consultation

Save money and time! Shop from your own closet before going shopping. Shop in stores with knowledge and a plan!

  • Shantaquilette will review existing clothes and determine what items to keep, discard and alter. 
  • She will put together 5 to 10 new fully-accessorized outfits and take “FashionFotos” for your future use. 
  • Receive an itemized shopping list of items needed to complete your wardrobe 
  • ShantaQuilette will take the items you wish to discard and donate them to a local charity 

$300 for up to 3 hours of time.  Additional time purchased at $85 per hour.


Personal Image and Wardrobe Consultation

  • Includes a consultation that evaluates your current style and your image and fashion goals 
  • ShantaQuilettewill take your body measurements so that you can discover your body shape. She will provide you with printed styling tips so that you know how to best dress your shape and look your best everyday! 
  • Includes 3 hours of “Shop Your Closet” Wardrobe Consultation 

$400 for up to 4 hours of time. Additional time may be purchased at $85 per hour.


Escorted Personal Shopping Trip

  • Once ShantaQuilette understands your desired look and what items are missing from your wardrobe, she will pre-shop stores and have dressing rooms ready for you to try clothes on. 
  • Shantaquilette will choose stores that fit your style and budget and where she can help you design complete outfits. 
  • ShantaQuilette will provide you with valuable shopping advice and teach you what styles, colors and cuts work best on your body shape and coloring. 

$500 for 4 hours of shopping time. Additional time may be purchased at $85 per hour.


Personal Shopping

The solution for the person who hates to shop or just doesn’t have time. 

  • A day of shopping on her own to find you the perfect business or casual outfits that will highlight your best features (You provide payment method for clothing in advance of shopping trip)
  • A personal fitting presentation in the comfort of your home or office. Ellen will offer an opinion and recommendations with regard to fit. 
  • All returns and exchanges are included in the price. 

$900 for 8 hours of shopping. (You may purchase a half-day of shopping for $500.


Special Occasion Shopping

Do you have a special event coming up and want to look your best? Shantaquilette will shop with you and recommend hair and make-up artists so that your look for the special occasion is flawless!

Contact for pricing!


Other Services

  • Vacation Wardrobe Planning and Packing 
  • Group Shopping (3 people) 
  • Make-up Artist, permanent make-up, med spa, tailor and hair stylist referrals

Contact for pricing!


ShantaQuilette can customize a speaking engagement specifically for your business, social club, group or organization. Some topics Shantaquilette has spoken on: 

  • Help! I have a closet full of clothes and Nothing to Wear
  • Creating a Winning Workable Wardrobe for Men
  • The Dichotomy of a Great Shirt (for Men)
  • Make-over from the Inside Out (for Churches)
  • Looking Great at Any Age (for Seniors)
  • Uniforms: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em, You Gotta Wear Them
  • Dating Attire “What not to wear”
  • Recent Transformation due to weight loss 

Starting at $100. Call for pricing

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